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Question Tips for non-painful nursing? (Planning ahead)

Sorry if this has been asked before.

I am due with #3 in a few weeks. I didnt really nurse #1, but I did exclusively with #2. Does anyone have any tips to make nursing not so darn painful in the first several weeks? As in, are there things I can do to "prepare" myself? I have some EMAB nursing cream, should I be putting that on already? What can I do to toughen up my boobs and get them ready (to put it bluntly )


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Re: Tips for non-painful nursing? (Planning ahead)

soothies gel breast pads were wonderful for us.
good luck mama
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Re: Tips for non-painful nursing? (Planning ahead)

Here to help, mama!!!

The best advice I can offer is to make sure lo has a VERY deep latch. It takes some work, but the more persistent you are to get a deep latch every time will really prevent how sore your nipples get and how much quicker recovery is. If the latch isn't deep enough (babe should have most of areola in mouth) then gently break the suction by placing your pinky finger in the crook of his/her mouth. Then relatch.

You can "tickle" the baby's chin with your nipple to help get them to open wide. Once baby has a wide open mouth put their lower lip on the underneath part of you areola and bring rest of baby's mouth over the nipple and the top lip should be on the upper most part of the areola. It helps to gently squeeze your breast with your thumb on top and your first and second fingers underneath.

Here is what I FINALLY learned after #3, when you latch baby on for the first few weeks, keep baby's head against the breast until they start sucking. Otherwise, there is a great chance they will slip a bit from the latch. Then, they won't have the deep latch you want and need to save your nipples. My LC also said that the baby's chin, cheek, and nose should all be touching the breast to ensure th proper latch.

After you deliver, I would ask to meet with a LC right away to get nursing going. Also, be sure they come and see you atleast once a day while you are still in the hospital to make sure everything is going well.

Use the lanolin cream after EVERY time you nurse, nurse often (helps your milk supply come in and establish quicker, also baby's tummy is TINY), and make sure you have a deep latch every time.

One more thing, once your milk comes in and you are going through engorgement, you may have to either pump or hand express to be able to latch baby on properly. I JUST learned this with dd3 after have some pretty sore nipples. It took them about 2 weeks to heal. Just express enough to make them soft and pliable to be able to get a deep latch. It is a pain, but SO worth it.

Good luck, nursing is the best!!!! I only nursed dd1 for a month due to strange latching issues and I was determined to make it work for dd2 and dd3 which I have and totally love it.

If you have any other questions or need/want more support visit It is a great bf'ing and parenting website that also has forums.
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Re: Tips for non-painful nursing? (Planning ahead)

Lanolin cream didn't help me much, but making sure you see a LC to get a good latch is key in preventing cracked/sore nipples. Latch is everything.

If you do get have cracks/soreness, soaking your nipples in saline solution for a few minutes after nursing feels wonderful. I believe Kellymom has the solution proportions to make your own on the site, but you should be able to google it if you can't find it there. I filled bathroom dixie cups with the solution and wore them like a silly bra after each session until the soreness went away.

Soothies, or reusable cloth nursing pads stuck in the freezer for a bit are also great.
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