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Help... what is this preg pelvic pain/soreness?

I am almost 7 months pregnant. For about a week, I have had this muscle soreness above my pubic bone and going down in a U shape to my inner thighs. Anyone had something similar? I especially feel it above my pubic bone when I sit up in bed from a prone position, which seems odd as that doesn't seem to particularly stress the muscles there. It is not that deep or painful; feels more like a charley horse or like I've done too many splits (needless to say, I haven't done any).

I have heard of varicosities and pelvic separations, and I keep wondering if this is the beginning of one? Except it's quite mild and I thought those were pretty painful problems. I did have sex with DH twice this week, so maybe it's some soreness from that, although why not any other time we had sex? Why lasting more than a few days? Why on the top of my pelvic bone?

I hesitate to ask my midwife about this because we don't have the best rapport. I know she'll either say "it's like that the third time" because she says that to everything, or she'll talk about pelvic support belts AGAIN. A pelvic support belt may or may not be the answer, but since she's brought it up twice before when I wasn't even having any issues related to that, I don't really trust her rationale for talking about them.


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Re: Help... what is this preg pelvic pain/soreness?

I don't know we are having the same pain but I have been in pain since about week 10! Its so painful to walk and/or lift my legs. Putting on pants or underware kills me. I waddle so much and when I walk it is ten times worse. Its in pelvis groin area and it is so much pressure and pain. It is just getting worse as ds gets bigger. Walking through a store to get groceries or everyday things is really really hard. I'm going to talk to my dr tomorrow about it at my appt. I can't even turn over in bed and once I get into bed its very painful to get out. I actually broke down last night and cried it hurt so bad when I had to get up to pee. I've never had this with any of my other boys - this one is just trying to be difficult.
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