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PLEASE READ: Rules for FFS Forum; If you've got a FFS item here please read this!

If you are listing items in this section please read the following information before listing it.

If you have FFS ALREADY posted to this section PLEASE read the following information and UPDATE your posts and prices.

We have noticed some items up for FFS that are a bit higher than what it should cost to ship it so here are the rules for this forum.

**If you are a buyer and see someone offering an item or items "almost ffs" please report that thread using the "report bad post" icon on the upper right hand corner (it's a white triangle with red trim around it and a ! in the middle of it) or pm me or another mod right away.

Any posts with ffs items in it that are found to be not truely ffs will be removed from the board.

__________________________________________________ _______

FFS: What does this mean? It means it's FREE for the EXACT cost of shipping and delivery confirmation (if you want it or if the seller requires it) only.

Here are some rules/guidelines/tips:

**IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SCALE AND DON'T KNOW THE WEIGHT PLEASE DO NOT ESTIMATE WHAT IT MAY COST. WAIT TO POST YOUR ITEMS UNTIL YOU KNOW WEIGHT AND THEN POST WEIGHT AND YOUR ZIP SO BUYERS CAN GO TO http://postcalc.usps.gov/ (for USA mamas) or http://ircalc.usps.gov/default.asp?Mode=Intl_Single&CID=10054 (for Canada mamas) so they can calculate the cost themselves.



*You may not add on a dollar or two to help cover your costs, gas, shipping supplies you have on hand, your time etc. You may only charge the buyer the exact amount it costs to ship the item.

*If you want to get a dollar or two for your item(s) please DO NOT list them in the FFS section. List them in the appropriate section on the FSOT with a title of "Almost FFS xxxxxxx".

*If you had to go out and buy a speical package/envelope/box for this FFS item you MAY charge for that item but only exact cost and not gas and time to go get it. You should disclose that the shipping cost stated includes the cost of the package/envelope/box that you had to buy for this item. If you have envelopes, polymailers, boxes at home already for shipping diapers and other items you may not charge for those.

*Please state what the exact cost is for shipping the item as well as the weight and your zip. First class mail rates are the same no matter where you are shipping it to in the US as long as it's under 13 oz. So, you do not need to put your zip in your post for those packages. For parcel post and priority you will need to state the weight and your zip so the buyer can verify the costs and see if they want it. Doing this saves you from having to do quotes for everyone that pm's you.

Canada packages that weigh under one pound ship for $0.50-0.75 more than first class mail in the US costs and there are no delivery confirmation services. PLUS, you will have to take the package to the PO because Paypal does not have a Airmail Letter Post option and that is what you will use. You may NOT charge for gas and time to take the package to the PO. If you do not want to take the item to the PO if you cannot charge for time and gas then you will have to offer the item to US mamas only.

*Be sure to state that the shipping costs quoted are for US mamas and that Canada moms need to pm you or use the weight listed to calculate it off of www.usps.com themselves. Again, this will save you time.

A note about premier/business Paypal accounts with paypal and the fees associated with them:

If you have a premier account with paypal you will get charged fees no matter what kind of payment is sent to you. So, in these cases if you have one and are offering items up for FFS then you must state in your post that you are asking buyers to pay the fees as follows: $total cost for shipping + 2.9% + $0.30 = New total for paypal payment.

If you are a buyer please know that it isn't fair to ask a seller to eat the fees and pay for some of the shipping. What happens is: you send a $2.59 payment to the seller. Paypal takes out 2.9% then another $0.30 leaving the balance for the seller $2.21. It costs the seller $2.59 to ship the item(s) and she only got $2.21 so she has to pay for $0.38 of the shipping.

As you can see the extra fees will only be $0.50 or less so it's not that big of a deal since you are getting the item(s) for free.

Thank you all for reading this.
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