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Will EC'ing mean PL'ing happens earlier?

I'm just wondering. I've heard about EC'ing for years, but never tried it. It seemed like parents who EC their kids - that they still aren't pl'd until 2 1/2 or 3. My kids are pl'd by then then I wonder if it's worth the time and effort to EC? What are the pros? cons? I'm a SAHM of 4 under 6...and I have a hard enough time getting meals, cleaning, laundry and homeschool done in a day...the thought of taking a 3mo old potty a zillion times a day seems overwhelming.....BUT I'm intrigued...and I'm doing all sorts of "crazy" things with this last baby...cloth dipes, babywearing, why not EC? TEACH ME!!!

How does holding a bowl between my legs help? my lo's bum is already nearly hanging off my would I put the bowl under his bum? (While nursing)


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Re: Will EC'ing mean PL'ing happens earlier?


well ds1 was pretty much a "grad" well before 2. he was out of dipes by 7mo, and was really reliable, with very few pee misses. the biggest plus for us was never having to change a poopy dipe after 4mo or so (sure we had the random poop accident but i can nearly count them on one hand.) and knowing that he was always aware of his need to eliminate and could make us aware was just amazing.

ds2 has been a little more challenging. it sometimes CAN be a little bit time consuming to take a baby to the potty when chasing a toddler who wants my attention NOW. my solution has been to keep an old mixing bowl in the playroom so I don't have to leave ds1 to potty ds2.

How does holding a bowl between my legs help? my lo's bum is already nearly hanging off my would I put the bowl under his bum? (While nursing)
yep just put the bowl under his bum while he's nursing. at 3mo your lo will probably signal before going, even if there's not much time in between, but it will give you time to get him into position. once he figures out what you're doing (which will hapen quickly!) he'll signal more clearly and sooner so you'll have more time to get to a potty place or into position to potty.
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Re: Will EC'ing mean PL'ing happens earlier?

My first baby I started ECing with at 9 months and by 14 months he was day trained and by 17 months he was night trained as well...although it was a bit different for us I had no idea I was even ECing, he was a very early walker and talker (walked at 6 months and talked 50+ words at 9 months) so he was able to communicate his needs with words and take himself to the toliet...(he has sensory issues so having to sit in a diaper was not his cup of tea so he was glad to train early....although I had no idea 9 years ago what ECing was and when I started with my new baby I realized I had ECed my first son and din't even know it!)

With my daughter, we started ECing from when she was 4 days old...I started her in training pants during the day at 4 months old and by 5 months we were leaving the house in training pants...she is not yet walking (just turned 9 months yesterday) so I still take her to the potty, she also only says about 10 words none of which are potty so she cannot communicate with actual words yet that she needs to go...but she is very good at letting me know when she needs to go by her signs...and each child is different with what signs they just have to learn your babies...I am sure once Skye is able to walk she will take herself to the potty...and by then I will have another newborn to take to the potty...but truthfully it isn't a Zillion times a day....for us it's no more than the amount of times we would do a diaper change...

Also it's not all or can EC when you want...when you think about it, whatever works for doesn't have to be this big can be something you dabble in or something you are religious about...any amount helps...

And about the bowl thing...I never once held her over anything while she nursed, she was always VERY obvious in communicating her need to poop even as a newborn she would hold it until I got her over a toliet...or if I noticed she REALLLLLY needed to go I just stopped nursing and got a potty or took could always nurse while putting a prefold over the diaper area so if you notice the baby is going you can have the potty right there...more comfy than a bowl I would imagine....
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Re: Will EC'ing mean PL'ing happens earlier?

i'm sure it happens, but i don't know anyone whose child isn't more or less PL'd by age 2 who's EC'd. and perhaps more significantly than 'graduation' age, most EC'd babies get poop waaaay before they get pee as far as knowing it's coming and being able to hold it for the appropriate receptacle. i started at 10 months with DD and by 13 months she pooped only the potty (except maybe 2 or 3 times that were related to having a stomach virus). DS i started with at 7 months and the vast majority of poops were caught in the potty by 9 months. it was another couple months till 100% of them went in the potty, but by 9 months it was very rare that i had to deal with a poopy diaper. from what i understand of typical PL'ing, most older kids have the opposite learning pattern - pee first and then poop.

and it also depends on what you actually considered PL'd and to what extent you define it. I mean, my 4.5 yo DD hasn't worn a diaper since she was like 22 months old, but i still help her wipe sometimes, or help her off with clothes if she's wearing tights and tricky stuff. my DS hasn't worn a diaper since about that same age (and even then it was only when we were out and about for the 'just in case' - at home he'd been diaper free for several months before that), and gets very upset when he has a pee accident, but it does sometimes happen - he's 2.5 and very active and gets distracted and occasionally can't make it in time.

but from a very young age they preferred to go in the potty - i didn't have to worry that they wouldn't let me know if they had gone in their diaper (even pre-verbal... it was obvious, they were not comfortable or happy if wet). DS was dry at night by probably 18 months - and even then it was perhaps once every couple weeks, and usually because i was too sleepy to notice he was signaling until i started getting wet (we co-sleep). i never had to beg, bribe, negotiate with my kids to get them on the potty.

in general it just seemed like a much kinder, gentler, more natural way for my children to learn to use a potty. you don't wait till your kid has a full compliment of molars before you give them food, and then put a steak in front of them, kwim? your expectations at age 2 are different than at 6 months for just about everything, and IMO pottying is no exception.
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Re: Will EC'ing mean PL'ing happens earlier?

EC is soooo much more than just a way to accomplish PL early. The communication between you and babe is incredible to experience.
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Re: Will EC'ing mean PL'ing happens earlier?

I'm in the middle of 48 things, but just noticed a new ec group and had to stop by! I'm one of those freaks whose kids don't pl early. My ds started ecing before 3 weeks old and I don't consider him a graduate at 2.5 yet. He's in underwear and is capable of taking himself to the potty when he feels like it but isn't really upset by accidents and often chooses to just wet himself or poop on the floor. It's a challenge but his older sister was in diapers and way less potty independent until well after 4, so I think that if my goal was ONLY for earlier potty learning, I'd still be ahead. However, the communication, as someone else said, was totally priceless. I'm ec'ing this one, starting slowly to begin with, but wouldn't do it another way again. I'm very happy with our ecing experiences.

If you're curious, you can read my blog:
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Re: Will EC'ing mean PL'ing happens earlier?

Originally Posted by MovingMomma View Post
EC is soooo much more than just a way to accomplish PL early. The communication between you and babe is incredible to experience.
Just today I was doing the dishes at the sink, and just had this 'thought' that DS hadn't been to potty in a while... then he came in not five minutes later and had peed his pants. You really do get a "potty connection' when you EC your LO. Sometimes it will result in PL earlier, but that should not be the set out objective- it's teaching your LO that there is somewhere to potty other than their pants
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