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my VBA2C story w/details (still no pics tho)

I wrote a small tid bit back in dec when i had the baby but i thought id write the whole story this time. Sorry about not having pics yet....

So in the way back when of many months long ago we started charting and trying to get pregnant. April 2006 i left for oklahoma for a few days and when i got back, lets just say DH and i were way happy and well, thats how Miss Stubborn came to be.

When i first went to the OB, he told me id have to have a 3rd c-section and i KNEW heck no! Thanks to wonderful women on here and some other on line places that gave me the knowledge and will power to say to myself and doctors i have a choice. I then found myself findin a VBAC friendly OB and a Doula. I found both simply by yahoo searching "VBAC in ______" (i put my city and state) I am so glad i found them both.

--------------------------- now the pregnancy/birth part (hehe)
I got u/s every 6-8w to check the placenta due to my past placenta issues and everything looked fine each time. Baby was fine, everything. I had never made it past 36w6d so when i was nearing my EDD and found myself going to the stupid L&D every day just about- i started talking about my options. No one really wanted me to give birth early, but if i really wanted, they would. Then in that final week of my pregnancy, everytime id have a contraction id feel like i was going to pass out- EXACTLY like i did before my placenta abruption. Needless to say i was actually freaking myself out and to be honest i actually asked for a c-section because i was stressing myself out. The OB knew i didnt want it so he told me to go home and call him and Sat Dec 22, hed do whatever option i wanted or i could let nature take its time because in his eyes everything looked ok. I opted to get induced at 6am dec 22. I knew the pros and cons but i was ready to get it over with and not worry about anything.

Dec 22-- DD1 was with DHs grandparents and DH and i woke up at 5am and headed to the hospital. My doula couldnt attend because she was sick. She offered to give phone help though. I cant remember know but i think when i got to the hospital i was 1 or 2cm- i wanna say 2 and still 50%. We got all set up in the room and they started the drip of PIT and IV. i didnt want the IV but due to PIT i had to have it. I agreed as long as i could still eat or drink. My nurses were awesome and the PIT quickly worked and i felt some gosh darn awful pains that are nothing like NORMAL labor pains. I dont remember exactly now but i had them check me about noonish and i was 3-4 and 90%- something like that. Then i had a wonderful nurse change and was able to get the glorious tub!!!

OH MY GOODNESS!!! the tub felt wonderful!!!!!!

i had tried rocking, i had tried the ball, i had tried walking, nothing was helping except when id sit on the potty or id be in the tub.

i was in there until i literally could not stand the pain anymore. I finally said i needed relief and asked for a epi. I didnt want to because i knew id be tied to a bed with a catheter. After the epi.. i quickly was 7-8cm and about 100%. I had never made it past 8cm before so i was a bit nervous. I had a bulging bag and the OB said hed like to break it and he felt id be complete in no time then. That was around 5pm or so. I agreed. The pressure quickly increased after they broke my water. At 8pm i asked the nurse to recheck me and i was pushing 8-9cm and 100%. Then at about 9pm- ya know when you read a birth story and the person says when they are ready to push it feels like they are about to poop????? i had that feeling and asked to be rechecked....
i was 10 and ready to push. I started pushing at 9pm and at 9:33pm Dec 22 she was born.

I have to admit though just before i pushed her out i got very scared. I asked my mom "what if shes sick and needs the NICU"? and my mom tried to reassure me that she would be fine. Needless to say- mom was right.

she came out with a really short cord though, not sure what that means exactly but my mom couldnt cut it cause it was so short. They laid her on me and she laid there for golly maybe over 1hr and she breastfed and had wide open eyes and was amazing. I wasnt drugged up nor was she like my last births. Then they took her and did the normal stuff and gave her back. My mom, DH, my brothers fiance, and DHs mom were there to see it. the only people that were SUPPOSE to be there were DH and my mom.
anyway-- everything went well and we got to go home sunday night the 23rd.

THEN..... Lana got Jaundice VERY badly. If the number goes up to about 20- it can cause brain damage and when they checked lanas at her 1w checkup it was around 18, then we had it rechecked and it was 19. she had to be admitted to the hosipital and put under biliruben lights for 2d.

so anyway-- shes fine and happy and ill post some pics when i can (birth and recent)

My advice to anyone thinking of a VBAC or VBA_C is to get as much info as possible, find a OB willing to work WITH you, not for you. The number 1 thing- set goals for yourself.

my goals:
make it past 17w- done
make it to 37w- done (actually 1d shy of my EDD)
make it past 8cm- done
have a VBA2C- done
no placenta problems- done
no NICU- done
Breastfeed- doing it

thanks to all the girls who helped me and listend to my pregnancy garb.. lol.


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Re: my VBA2C story w/details (still no pics tho)

Wow, they induced you as a VBAC? They won't do that here--not even the Prostaglandin gel. Good job, mama!
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Re: my VBA2C story w/details (still no pics tho)

WAy to go!!!!
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Re: my VBA2C story w/details (still no pics tho)

yes but the OB said he doesnt like to use the gels/pills etc unless the mom is dialating on a regular basis on her own because otherwise it doesnt really help he has found- im not sure. Anyway about the PIT and VBAC...

they can induce you but it has to be a lower dose than a normal person gets at a more steady pace. With me.. they started at 3 and would go to 60 and increase the PIT by 3 as needed. If i seemed to be progressing they wouldnt turn it up- theyd leave it the same or turn it down. Every 30m they increase it or leave it or turn it down. A normal person can get much more PIT. The highest i got was 36 because when i got to 36 i got in the tub and had to have it turned off to get in the tub and then when i got hooked back up they started back over at 3 and i didnt need much after the tub until i was complete.

hope that explains it for ya
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Re: my VBA2C story w/details (still no pics tho)

that is great mama! I am so hapy for you and inspired as I am desperatly trying for a VBA2C, but they doc I have finally found won't induce , so I have to go into labor naturally.
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