View Poll Results: (PLS BE HONEST)Do you ever think about stopping BFing b/c for ANY reason?
Of course not 36 38.71%
Yes, I've thought about it 57 61.29%
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Re: Be honest, do you ever wanna stop BFing?


I could never get my first two babies to latch on and it was horrible. I was a hormonal mess for so long. I pumped exclusively for 3 months and 6 months respectively. Then it was on to formula (expensive + stinky + a pain to haul everywhere).

With my youngest I made a deal with Heavenly Father that if this baby would nurse, I would nurse him whenever and wherever and I still do. If I do have moments when I'd like some uninterrupted sleep or more than a few hours away from the baby, I think about what a blessing it is to even be nursing.

We've made it through some rough patches and we're at a very comfortable place now. I can't imagine weaning.

Much to DH's dismay!


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Re: Be honest, do you ever wanna stop BFing?

I consider it but not seriously. I have been nursing and/ or pregnant for more than 4 years now, so I am ready for a break. My body is tired. My breasts need a break. But with KB only 7 months old tomorrow I am not ready! I want to go at least a year with her as well (went 13 months with the other 2 b/c I got pg and the pain was just wicked.) So we'll see.
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Re: Be honest, do you ever wanna stop BFing?

I also consider it in moments of weakness but snap out of it. My DD is HN's and my DS was not. My DS was an awesome eater and he would eat and be content and that was that. He never got distracted or nothing. My DD though gets so distracted, bits me, pinches me and then her new thing is she screams b/c shes over tired and won't nurse just bites me and man it hurts. So I just think well maybe a bottle would make it all better. But then I come back to reality and releize it would probably make it worse.
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Re: Be honest, do you ever wanna stop BFing?

I have been seriously considering it lately. Dd is 13 months now and she's so active, even while she's nursing. Not to mention demanding...she'll pull my shirt up or down to get to them no matter where we are or what we're doing...she flashes my girls all over the place. AND lately she's been wanting them both out while she nurses, so she can nurse on one and rub or pinch the other and b/c I don't let her she has a temper tantrum and ends up being put down or biting me. She also wants full access to both of them at the same time so that she can do a suck on one and then switch, which gets painful b/c of the teeth and she doesn't open her mouth all of the way when she's switching back and's like a game to her.

BUT>...she's my last baby and I keep thinking that once the well dries up, that's it, it's over..I will never have the chance to do this again...that makes me sad.

AND sometimes she'll do stuff like she did this morning and I can't imagine ever stopping. We were having our "after breakfast drink" and she pulls off, sits up, mumbles some mumbo-jumbo that included "mama" and "kitty"...she smiles and gives me a big kiss and goes back to nursing. Wonder if she's thanking me for nursing her, or getting her that stuffed cat yesterday??

I think I'll end up doing it until she says "No thanks Mom, the bus will be here in a minute".......good times and bad's soo worth it!
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Re: Be honest, do you ever wanna stop BFing?

I don't think so. I worked really hard to get her to nurse at first (had to pump for five weeks b/c she wouldn't latch/was 4 weeks early/jaundiced/etc) and I couldn't bear the thought of giving her formula. I haven't even pumped since the day she started nursing.

At 19 months old, she is still almost exclusively nursing and I am so glad we made it this far. I wouldn't jeopardize or change it for anything.
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Re: Be honest, do you ever wanna stop BFing?

With my first: YES! Alot, but it got better with time thankfully. With my 7 week old though, no. Only because she is our last and I'm trying to savor all the moments before she's all grown up and heading off to do all the things she wants to do. Not that i didn't do that with my others, but it's almost depressing to think we won't have any more babies in the house... *sigh*
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