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When people are negative...

what do you say? Do you try and get them to u/s what EC'ng is and how it works?
I ask b/c my dh thought it was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever heard when I told him that dd4 went in the potty. I was seriously pissed and spewed a bunch of info abt EC'ng around the world before telling him that he'd eat his words and hanging up. (Not my best day- what can I say?)
I'd like to have a more well thought out response for others who make comments abt it in the future though. Somerhing short, sweet and to the point, yk? Until I have one planned out, only a couple of close friends (and the entire ds community ) know that we're trying out ec...


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Re: When people are negative...

for myself, I just let things roll off my back, but in my mind i am saying , just you wait. I would tell them that this is not potty training, that it is just a form of communication, so our little one doesn't have to sit in her poppy or pee all day. I also let them know i am not pushing her, she enjoys going, and she does. after dd2 pottied consistantly for a couple of days those that were very skeptical seem, if not supportive than i would says impressed. just keep up the good work. my husband didn't believe it could be done, but now he is supper supportive. your dh will come around!
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Re: When people are negative...

When people are negative I just smile and say "oh well....this is what we do" I think it's my kid so pppllllbbbb! Not very mature I know. If people ask w/o being neg I explain how it's about communication and that they communicate there needs.
I hear sometimes that it is parent training....and I say "well whatever makes life easier for me then I will be trained!"
GL mama keep on EC'n
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Re: When people are negative...

I am new to the whole EC thing. In fact I've never done it since I am pregnant with my first. Now when I first heard about it I was more intrigued than anything, I try to be open. But the thing I think convinced me was pretty much what the Diaper Free Baby said "Like other mammals human babies are born with the instinct not to soil themselves" I think if I was trying to tell someone so they could understand EC'ing I would stay that and go on say, haven't you noticed how baby like to go pee when you take off their diaper? And further more would YOU like to sit in your own waste?
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Re: When people are negative...

I keep it light. "I'm just catching poo. Can't you tell when a baby is going to poo? I'm saving him from having to go in his diaper. Most of the world does it this way."
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