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Smile Re: TOO MUCH STUFF! Advice needed . . .

I agree with what everyone has said and the suggestion for event type things (passes and such) is a good one. We totally don't have this problem, though. We are expecting #5, my sister has 3 and my BIL has 2. My mom struggles to buy birthday/holiday gifts for everyone! My kids are totally used to (and still get excited over) things bought second hand.

BUT IF I had the same problem, I would totally sell it on Ebay. LOL I am not an Ebay-er (we have only bought a couple of things and never sold) But when I saw the prices that toys and name brand clothes go for I was SHOCKED. If I were you, I would let the kids have fun with them and then put them up for auction. With the money you can either save up for down payment on a house (you mentioned renting), put it in a college fund, or pay for the fun event things you were talking about. As long as the kids get to have fun with it, I wouldn't worry about ay guilt.



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Re: TOO MUCH STUFF! Advice needed . . .

They hear you saying this all the time...but when they come to visit are the toys picked up?

Maybe next time they come run down stairs and get the tubs and dump them all in the livingroom. Then they can swim through the toys right along with you and feel the joy!! LOL I am sure the kids will have a blast!

I also liked the idea of "ok, buy whatever, but it will have to stay at grama's house!"

Let us know what works!! lol
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Re: TOO MUCH STUFF! Advice needed . . .

Thanks, ladies . . . the reason I'm thinking about it is that birthdays are coming up in the next month, and then those are followed by Christmas.

I feel like I'm on a mission to decrease STUFF - I'm also a lover of the "thrifty thrill!" My family routinely gives each other stuff that was acquired secondhand (for example, I LOVE antiques!), and we even brag to each other how little we paid for it! DH's family is quite a bit different, though - the stack of presents last year at Christmas almost even made me ill.

I've successfully converted our "get a gift for every one" Christmas into "all of us draw names (adults) and get 1 nice gift." However, everyone feels that my kids are exempt from this arrangement; we have quite a few aunts, etc. with no children of their own (like my husband's aunts, in addition to my sisters and DH's sisters, and my grandparents and every nice person in my whole church!).

I will keep thinking about this . . . quite a few of these gifts are expected to be "out" and being played with when said family member comes over to visit 4 months later.

Anyone with any new suggestions, please post 'em!
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Re: TOO MUCH STUFF! Advice needed . . .

Same problem. It isn't so much that they are spoiled by the is more that DH is one of 6 kids so you have lots of Aunties and Uncles. They also have cousins that are 25 years older than them so they are also getting gifts. So it is a cumulative effect.....

My mum is really good though, she does get a few small gifts, so they can open something. (underwear, socks, a puzzle or book) But then at birthdays she adds to a bank account she started for them. At Christmas she give them homemade gift certificates. "This is good for the purchase of your next pair of winter skates" "this is good for one set of lessons - Dance/swimming/gymnastics" So when I took parent and tot dancing with my 18 month old.....I just cashed it in and she wrote me a cheque.

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Re: TOO MUCH STUFF! Advice needed . . .

We have a "one in one out" rule, esp. with stuffed animals, my DD's fav! Every new one that comes in the house, she chooses one that can bless someone else!
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Re: TOO MUCH STUFF! Advice needed . . .

I like the one in one out rule but we don't usually have to use it because we go through everything regularly and give away anything not being played with or throw usually just give it away if they don't use it, we don;t even have to say anything.

Our kids are responsible to pick up their own toys so they prefer not to have very many. The rule at our house is either keep it clean or get rid of it. It has worked very well. They keep what they really like and the rest nobody has to deal with.

With our 3 year old he likes to keep more so I get rid of the toys I don't see him play with and then if there are alot of things I have him choose to keep this toy or that one and we do it until we have gone through all of them Kids like to bless other people so it works well.

Personally we don't sell much because we have learned that sowing is better because in our time of need God always provides! We haven't had to buy hardly any clothing for our kids for the past 5 years!! We in turn continiue to give away everything as it is outgrown and it ALWAYS gets provided for the next one. HTH
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Re: TOO MUCH STUFF! Advice needed . . .

My kids have a lot of stuff too. We made a rule that anytime they get a new toy they have to donate an older toy to charity to make room for the new toy....unfortunatly I have been slacking on that so they toys are building back up again.

Another thing, and my family is all about this, is getting our kids savings bonds for their birthdays. Not everyone but some people. Aspen just had her birthday and aside from all her presents she also recieved $70. So she was given $20 to go shopping with and we will use the other $50 to buy her a $100 savings bond.
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