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Re: Am a horrible person for not being thrilled about being pregnant?

You are definitely not a horrible person. I know exactly how you feel. I became pregnant with this baby when my DD was 8 months old. I was nursing her too and prepared to nurse her for as long as she wanted. But she was already weaning herself off by that point. She had decided around 6 months that she wanted to start eating like mommy and daddy. If she saw her father eating while I was nursing her she would refuse to nurse anymore and just stare at whatever he was eating. It was rather interesting.

But I digress. I had wanted to wait at least a year after having my daughter to try and conceive again, but life had other plans for us. I was even on birth control but became pregnant anyways. I was really upset when I found out and DH was a bit taken aback too. He became excited about this pregnancy much sooner than me. I'm still rather apprehensive and getting used to the idea of having two children a little less than a year and a half apart. But at the same time with them being so close in age they will probably play well together and there might be less jealousy issues.


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Re: Am a horrible person for not being thrilled about being pregnant?

If you do go check out the newborn threads don't be upset if you don't get excited. I had fun starting to build my newborn stash then quickly lost interest and was bored with it.... and i normallly love cd shopping! So very out of my character.

Also, i think it is very normal, especially with your 2nd pregnancy, to be feeling the way you are. You have been used to doting on your only child so the thought of having to share yourself and be spending much more of your time away from the one you know you love so much and spending it more on another baby you don't even know yet, is probably not exciting you much, and might even be making you a bit worried. Rest assured, you will fall in complete love with this one and won't mind sharing your time.

And nurse as long as you want. And if you don't want to tandem nurse then you can always wean shortly before the baby is due. I agree 100% with what most of the pp's said, and take one day at a time. You're feelings will likely change from day to day anyway ; )
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Re: Am a horrible person for not being thrilled about being pregnant?

I could have wrote this a few months ago, I found out that I was preggo unexpectedly, and it took me a few weeks to get excited about the baby. But once I did look out that was all I could think about!! (My milk supply went way down and DD lost interest and stopped nursing as well. ) I ended up losing the baby at 12 weeks, and now all I can think about is getting a BFP and having that new addition that I thought, not too long ago, was "not the right time" for...I now know that anytime is the "right" time to bring a new life into the family and that things tend to all work out in the end. GL mama and Congrats on your new little bean!!
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Re: Am a horrible person for not being thrilled about being pregnant?

Thanks ladies, reading your responses brings tears to my eyes Of course I cry so easily these days....... I know I'd feel awful if I did lose this little bean, but you know how surreal it is in the beginning when you're first pregnant, and my DD is very real , here with us now and I'm just worried she's going to get the shaft because of this new LO (which she probably won't, but I worry). I feel better about this all just reading these though
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Re: Am a horrible person for not being thrilled about being pregnant?

<sigh> My son recently weaned, he's past two, I'm pregnant, same deal supply dropped down. I'm still sad about it, it's like we're "apart" now. I know my son is much older but I still feel like our nursing was cut short in some ways. he still wants to nurse but there's just nothing there )-: I don't know how it would've affected me if he had been one or younger while pregnant but I can say it still bothers ME even with him at this age. I think if I had gotten pregnant much earlier I think I'd try to tandem nurse if it were me, but then my son is an eager nurser even when there's nothing there.

BTW when my friend was pregnant with her first she didn't like being pregnant at all. She said one of her coworkers admitted the same to her so it's not that uncommon. I'm not so sure she's going to have another one. She just did not like being pregnant. But I do remember when she returned to work when her daughter was eight weeks old, we both cried that day. She quit not too long afterwards and is a happy SAHM.

I don't mind the pregnant part, I just hate the attitude of others part. Like I'm an invalid or fragile or something. If I need help with something I'll ASK thank you very much. So needless to say I haven't told many people I'm close to that I'm pregnant <grin>. That's my strategy and advice if it would work, just don't tell anyone so they won't be SO THRILLED and you won't have guilty feelings for not being thrilled or have to act different than you really feel. Plus you won't have to explain why you're pregnant so soon after the first if anyone asks (and they probably will <grumble>).

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Re: Am a horrible person for not being thrilled about being pregnant?

I felt the same way! I found out when ds was 11 months (I'll be 7 weeks thursday) and he's now down to 2 nursings/day (morning and night). My supply is just nearly gone. The good news is he's sleeping all night now! YAY! And, 2 weeks after I found out, I'm starting to get excited about this thing.....I've already completed my small covers stash and am working on the nb's...although if this is a girl I'll HAVE to have some girly ones! I too would be devastated if something happened to this pg. I would feel so it was my fault for the attitude I had at the beginning. But I'm trying to stay positive, take one day at a time, and remember that my feelings were completely normal. After all, when this one comes I'll have 4 kids under the age of 6....2 of them under 2....holy cow I'm getting scared again!!! LOL!
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