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Re: Breastfeeding-- Need Support Mommas :(

Hi mama,

I feel your pain. It took me three weeks of doing what you're doing to get my dd going with nursing. (and I mean 3 consistant WEEKS). My lactation consultant finally told me (when I called her crying during the 3rd week, because dd was still not really getting it all the time yet) that "she may never take to nursing" and I could just give up if I wanted.
Fortunately for me, dh was VERY supportive and told me to keep trying & she'd get it and she did! She is now champion nurser of the world at 27 months.
The other people had some great ideas for you, and really all I can offer is that it WILL get easier. Just keep putting that bubby to the breast and it will happen. I remember how frustrating it is, and really just try to remember this WILL pass. It helped me to imagine a time in the future when it would be relaxed and effortless (and we DID get there!)
Keep asking for support and help! Feel free to pm with questions or just to vent. One of the most valuable resources I had in my difficult 3 weeks was other mamas who had been there, cheering me on and encouraging me to not give up. I would be more than happy to be your cheerleader.

Take care, mama, try to rest as MUCH as you can. I know recovery from a c is so difficult in itself (I also had one). Getting the rest you need will make all the difference in your ability to reason your way through this. Rest rest rest mama!


Karen~SAHM to DSS (17) , DS. (17) , DD1 (15) , DD2 (6) , and DD3 (3)
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Re: Breastfeeding-- Need Support Mommas :(

Also remember that its not an all or nothing thing. Every bit of mommy milk that she gets helps her out. It's best not to give formula until your milk supply is established (usually about a month), but if it's the only way it works for the two of you, then it's the way it works. When I was a baby I got one bottle of formula a day while my mom worked since breast pumps were not as readily available then as they are now.

Another thought to try, when we supplemented my LO at the beginning, we always did it at the breast with a feeding syringe. That way she got food while at the breast (good reinforcement) and the breast got stimulated to help with supply. A SNS would be a better long term solution, but if it's just for awhile to help your LO get started the syringe will work. For my LO the first few supplements were formula, but once I was able to pump some the supplements were mommy milk or mommy milk followed by formula (if I hadn't pumped enough for the amount of supplement they wanted me to give her).

Good luck,
Mommy to one beautiful baby girl and married to the best Dad ever

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Re: Breastfeeding-- Need Support Mommas :(


I don't know who started the myth that breastfeeding is instinct and easy. Any Mama/Babe who got it easily is LUCKY and should thank a higher power. Breastfeeding takes a lot of hard work and has a huge learning curve for Mom and Babe.

I won't bother repeating any of the great advice you've gotten already. Just wanted to let you know that you're not alone but it does eventually get SO MUCH BETTER and is well worth all the tears and frustration.
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Re: Breastfeeding-- Need Support Mommas :(

You NEED NEED NEED to get in contact with an IBCLC immediately. Many insurance companies will even cover this.

Also, what you can pump is NOT indicative of supply. I don't get a dark thing w/ a pump, even in my early days in massive oversupply land.

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Re: Breastfeeding-- Need Support Mommas :(

Thanks everyone, I actually bought a supplementing system that attaches at the nipple a few days ago so hopefully it will get here today

Glad to have so much support, it helps a lot!
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Re: Breastfeeding-- Need Support Mommas :(

I wanted to second trying the SNS system--are you familiar with it? It involves a bottle hanging upside-down on your shoulder and a little tube comes down that attaches to your nipple so that the baby get what comes from the bottle as well as from the breast.

Another resource I wanted to mention is This is a breastfeeding help site that has a lot of video clips of latching, so you can see it instead of trying to visualize it from a description. It shows a good latch vs a bad latch and things like that.

Find yourself some support--see a Lactation consultant and visit a LLL group or something. That made a huge difference in my nursing relationship.
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