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Could it be thrush?

I had posted a couple days ago about a pinchign sensation while LO was feeding. I had thought it was a clogged duct (and that semed to be popular opinion as well). Someone mentioned thrush and i shrugged it off.

Yesterday, I started having some nipple soreness and figured it was just LO feeding more agressively or maybe we miss-latched and that caused the pain.

Last night for his middle of the night feeding, I about jumped out of bed when he latched on! It felt like his mouth was full of little bits of broken glass that he was proceding to grind into my nipple!

He has NO WHITE PATCHES whatsoever. I called his pediatrician AND my OB/GYN neither will prescribe b/c he doesnt have any white patches.

What am I to do? If we dont find relief, this is the end of BF for us.


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Re: Could it be thrush?

General info on thrush:

Thrush presents as shiny, red, swollen, tender, and sometimes cracked nipples. Occasionally peeling or red rash may also occur. Many moms complain of burning. Thrush is normally the cause IF a mother's nipples become sore AFTER weeks or months of comfortable nursing.

Thrush for the baby presents as cheesy, white patches on the insides of the cheeks and inside of the lips. Sometimes a baby won't have mouth symptoms but will have a yeast diaper rash.

If you suspect thrush, you will need to call your pedi so that you can get treated. However, if you don't want to do that, you can purchase a 1% solution of gentian violet. You can find this at most drugstores and do not need a prescription. You will need to "paint" the solution on your nipples AND the baby's mouths. Note: this will cause your nipples and her mouth purple.

In addition to this treatment, exposure to the sun can help heal nipples. Sit by an open window with your nipples exposed. Make sure the neighbors can't see in!! LOL!

Change your nursing pads often (at each feeding).

Pacifiers and bottles should be boiled for 5 minutes everday during your treatment. Wash your pump parts too.

If thrush occurs in the first six weeks, it is best not to use bottles to supplement. Doing this can kill your supply and cause nipple confusion.

I would not stop nursing at this point. Your baby is too young. Try to treat it with these ideas. If that doesn't work, call your doc back and demand to be seen. Go see an LC if needed.
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Re: Could it be thrush?

I had an LC diagnose thrush on my breasts, and she said there aren't always white patches in the baby's mouth (although there were in mine). You could have an LC look at you and then talk to you OB and ped telling them what the LC said. If you can't get them to treat you you can do the gentian violet which is available over the counter. Also all the things pp said are good to do. I would add taking probiotics everyday and eating yogurt. Also you can make a solution of grapefruit seed extract and water and wash your breasts in it.

I feel your pain, mama ::hug:: I had thrush with both dd1 and dd2 and it felt like my nipples were being shredded with razorblades.
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