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Re: This is why I refuse to let dogs around my child!!!

dogs are also pack animals that will exhibit behavior in his/her "pack" (meaning your family). And if he/she is an Alpha dog, they will tend to be more aggressive to maintain that Alpha status. (I use the male pronouns here) Easy way to check this is to flip your dog on his back and see how he responds. If he responds by submitting, he's a beta dog. If responds by fighting initially, but then submits, he's ingrained to be an Alpha dog at some point. But if he fights, with no intent of submitting, he's an Alpha dog.

I had a German Shep that was a total Alpha dog and believe it or not, my DH had to "fight" him one night when DH came home from the field after having been gone for a month. The dog wouldn't allow him in the house! So my DH pushed him aside with his foot (not an easy thing to do to a 95lb dog) and the dog went after him. Well, my DH is very tall and was raised with Irish Wolfhounds, so yes, he laid out the Ger. Shep.

However, when I was pregnant with DD2, the dog sensed it and wouldn't allow anyone in a five foot radius of me. He'd growl, show his teeth and then snapped at our DD1. My DH saw that and said "Get rid of him or I shoot him." He wasn't even going to take the risk. So I talked with the K9 handlers and we gave him to the MP's (military police). (He was a pure bred Germ Shep with K9 blood in him along with show blood)

Long story short... you just have to be responsible with being hypervigilant around your kids and animals. I'll never label any particular breed as being out of control because most of those dogs are a result of piss poor ownership. But I do recognize some of the more potentially dangerous dogs and just keep an eye out for them. Although I am of the mindset that a stupid yorkie can do more damage than a wolfhound. I'm more irritated and bothered by small dogs than large.

The little girl will be in my prayers for a full recover and no lasting psychological scars.


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Re: This is why I refuse to let dogs around my child!!!

I have an English Mastiff and a Mutt Lab. I love my dogs, but ANY indication that they would endanger anyone... even a growl and they would be G-O-N-E ! I am just not willing to take the risk. Yes Athena is big, but she is very loving, and gentle. They are dubbed the Gentle Giant. Which is why I got her in the first place. I raised her and I hnow that she is safe.

That being said, I NEVER let a child in my back yard without me or DH back there. Except when we are away, the neighbor girls feed the dogs... I just always am careful!
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Re: This is why I refuse to let dogs around my child!!!

Well, I guess I will chime in here.....

When I was 8 I was riding my bike down the road with my 5 year old brother. We lived on a smal street and my brother fell off his bike on the side of the road. I went over to help him and the lady that lived by the house opened her door and her little yappy dog ran right out and bit me on the back of my leg. It ended up being a long ordeal that included gang green, surgery and a 5 day hospital stay. To this day I get a little freaked out when I have a dog come up behind me (especially when not on a leash). I also can't stand yappy dogs (sorry to those who love them).

With all that being said. I still love dogs! Right now we have a golden retriever that is an angel. I do not hesitate to let her be around our 11 mo old. I honestly do not worry one bit (even reading the horror stories). Both the dog and my 11 month old pretty much have free reign of the house all day. Sure I am there, but not always directly beside them. I will say though that if our golden were to ever show aggression, she would be gone, even though it would be heart-breaking.

I also 100% believe that there are more aggressive breeds out there. Obviously some more layed back breeds can be agressive and visa versa. To me that depends on the owners training. You can easily make a gentle dog a monster. I'm sure there pit bulls out there that are just sweethearts, but they can be sweethearts away from my kids. I do not trust such an agressive breed. My in laws had an akita, she was a beautiful dog. But, while she was alive, my kids weren't allowed near her. My in-laws very much respected that, but it made it difficult to allow the dog to be part of the family. They had the dog since she was a puppy and never said a cross thing to her and she was still just agressive, not necessarily mean, but always barking or growling. No thank you!

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