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This child will never be potty trained!

I am so frustrated and lost on potty training. We got DD her potty when she was 18 months old...she didn't really show any we just kept it around for her to get comfortable with. Well we started asking her if she wanted to sit on the potty, she would say yes so we would sit her on it. Sometimes she would go...other times she wouldn't. After her second birthday she was willing to sit on the potty when we asked and a lot of the time she would go pee pee on it. I go pee pee in front of her to show her how "big girls" do it, we even offer her a jelly bean if she goes pee pee on the potty. Well a few months back she just stopped wanting to go on the potty period. She will be 3 in June and I am just so lost!

My mom is pushing me, telling me that she NEEDS to get potty trained NOW. A friend of mine said "If she isn't dry in the mornings then she isn't READY.". I really want her to be potty trained...but I want her to be able and ready for it. I am just getting conflicting thoughts and ideas. I was thinking about getting some cloth training pants (so she can really feel the wetness and maybe that will make her want to go?). Does anyone have any ideas on cloth training pants?

I need some help and guidence here!


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Re: This child will never be potty trained!

My DD will be 3 in less than a month and we're JUST starting. Try not to stress. She wont go to college in diapers - promise. Don't listen to anyone else. My family is hounding me to PT my DD, but I am just going along with her cues and so far we haven't had a fuss about it. Just listen to your DD. She'll tell you when she's ready.
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Re: This child will never be potty trained!

I am so glad you brought this topic up. I have a dd who turn 3 next week and she has no interest in actually using the potty. i am fustrasted with changing diapers. On the same note I really disagree with scolding or letting my child know that I am fustrasted with her bodily functions. we do pretend potty runs and i encourage her to practice, and we talk about older I assume that one day she will decide she is done using diapers, and ready to wear the big girl panties waiting in her drawer. My son one day just announced "I want to be a naked butt" and never had an accident again. I am hopeful that in due time this will happen for my dd. In the end though you have to find a method that works for her personality and your parenting style, and ignore everyone else's input. Relax and let nature take its course.
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Re: This child will never be potty trained!

There is no "standard" age for PTing....It will all come in due time. Just do what is comfortable for you and your DD. btw, being dry in the morning has nothing to do with being ready. My dd has been pt'ed since 23mths old, and still wets at night....she is 3 1/2 now. Dont listen to anyone unless they have useful "advice" to help you, not you "need" to do this and that. I used the gerber training panties during the day when we were training. Porscha hated the pee running down her leg and would run to the potty as soon as she felt it. Of course we started with "trails" of pee across the house...but they got shorter and shorter over time. I dont really have any other advice on training panties, just anything that lets her feel uncomfortable so she will want to do something about it. If you can, I would do the Naked butt thing....that will let her know when she is going. Sorry I'm not much more help.....
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Re: This child will never be potty trained!

I think that thought of Potty Trained means different things to different people. If you ask my MIL, all of hers were "trained" before they turned two. When asked specifics, she had a seat, that had a seat belt and she put her children there throughout the day. Both of my children took a while to get it. We introduced the concept and let them decide when to "learn" from there. Our son has been at it for a WHOLE year! Thankfully we are almost through. One thing I think helped was moving to all velour or cotton inners in his pull up diapers. He really has no idea if he is in a standard pull up. I've only used a very few (MMO program won't use cloth). Anyway, please don't worry. She will learn when she is ready. I bet really quickly too. Our daughter was closer to three when she took the plunge and learned pretty quickly after that.

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