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Re: weaning my 5 month old and it's really hard.

Originally Posted by crystalanne79 View Post
I also want to say to the other previous posters that this mom is asking for support and calling her selfish is not helping in any way. If you don't have something nice to say that no need to post anything!

I just have to say that I am disgusted at how some of the PPs are treating another mama! Everyone can only do the best that they can do with the information given to them. So if someone is having issues with weaning too early than instead of negative comments and judgmental tones we should be giving advice on how to overcome the obstacles.

To the OP: I do agree that you should reconsider your decision. There are ways to do what you need to do and nurse as well. Take it from me, I have 3 kiddos, my 2 older ones are both in little league where DH is the coach and I am the team mom (I bring snacks and drinks to the games). I think that BF is easier because I nurse in a wrap/sling when we are out, this allows me to have the freedom to move around and do things. I think with a bottle you would have to be sitting in one place and you would have LESS freedom.

I know nursing around dinner time is challenging. Here's what I do: the Crockpot is my best friend: put your ingredients in the insert the night before, then in the morning, just pop it in and turn it on! Get stuff prepped in the morning or during naps. Have some EASY dinners on-hand for those night s that are just out of your control: our favorite is Poor Mans Tuna Casserole (Box of Shells and Cheese, can of cream of mushroom, can of peas [or frozen] and a can of tuna [or chicken] mix together and heat up). This dinner is cooked in about 15 minutes and it is mostly hands off so I can tend to other things if I need to. Plus the ingredients are all non-perishable, so I can keep them on hand at all times.

I would also suggest going to La Leche Leagues site and reading some of the articles and maybe consider going to a local meeting. You will find support and understanding there.

If you need any other friendly support please PM me.


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Re: weaning my 5 month old and it's really hard.

[QUOTE=byumommy;3542412]I think someone needs to point out the big picture to her. Sleep deprivation is no fun, but its miniscule in the light of what you are giving your child.QUOTE]

I think anyone posting on here wanting to point out the big picture to her could do so without accusing her of being selfish. Just my
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Re: weaning my 5 month old and it's really hard.

Hey momma, why are you looking for advice and support for weaning in a breastfeeding forum?
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Re: weaning my 5 month old and it's really hard.

I have not ever formula fed so I don't have the full realm of experience but I can see how formula feeding could be easier if you have another person on hand, especially at night, to help. If the baby's father or a grandmother or full time nanny or someone else is able to get up and get a bottle and feed the baby, then that could definitely be easier. But if no one else is around to help, I could see breastfeeding as being much easier. With ds #1 I tried to get up and nurse him in a rocking chair, staying awake the whole time, diaper changing afterwards and put him back to sleep. I was a walking zombie those first few weeks/months and not a happy mom. With ds #2, I remember nursing ds #2 while in ds #1's bed and all 3 of us falling asleep (in a twin bed no less!). Both sons I night weaned (on their own) around 6 months, I think and I fully weaned both just past a year. With dd who is now 17 months old, we just co-slept from the start and she is still nursing on demand day/night. At times I wish she was weaned but I've got to think that comforting a sick/teething toddler by nursing has got to be easier than rocking or walking/holding in the middle of the night. My sons are now almost 10 and 6 years and I know that each stage in their lives is hard in its own way. Parenting doesn't really get easier, it just is hard in different ways. You know your baby and yourself best so you know best what will work for your situation. And if the baby's father is part of your lives, his opinions factor in as well. I know many parents who formula fed and they are good parents and their children thrive. There are breastfed babies that aren't necessarily healthy and some formula fed children are smarter than some breastfed children. Ds #1 had multiple ear infections and his pediatrician asked if he were formula fed and attended a daycare. He said my son's ear infections could be worse if I didn't breastfeed and stay home with him. Hugs to you mama. It can't be an easy decision and if you re-evaluate your options and still chose to wean, know that the many months of breastmilk you gave your babe is better than none!
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Re: weaning my 5 month old and it's really hard.

Sorry to tell ya that is very common at that age .... weaning for more sleep well I know when I decided to have kids I didn't count on much sleep. This is such a short period of time yet BFing is so important, gotta say weaning sounds kinda silly.

Not sure what to say ...
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Re: weaning my 5 month old and it's really hard.

I'm locking this now.
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