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Re: A little Sad

At the Hospitol I delivered my first daughter at they had it so ingrained in me that I absolutely had to breastfeed. I had every nurse and three lactaion consultants trying to figure out what was going wrong. After a long hard struggle I gave up and pumped exclusively for 11 months. I was brainwashed into thinking that formula was bad, which it is, and couldnt bring myself to giving her any. Now with my second daughter breastfeeding has been a breeze, and I love every minute of it.

to formula and the evil marketing practices


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Re: A little Sad

Originally Posted by Drearina View Post
Ya know, I took the free formula diaper bag from the hospital. But I left the formula samples and coupons in the room. My discharge nurse told me to take them because they'd just be thrown out I said that was fine with me. i used the little Similac insulated bag to carry frozen breastmilk when I was too shy to nurse in public.
We made it 16 months without ever having a drop of formula. It broke my heart to have to wean her.
I got the bag too from our first ped and all I wanted was the ice packs and cold case. I was pretty surprised the pedi office gave us two bags and then the pedi we met with said she was for 100% BF. I was so confused. Why in the heck does she allow her nurses to hand out formula then?
The nurses said " here is a free gift." Sure I wanted a free gift. I like free gifts. Thats the problem.
But I was not going to use formula so the tactic didnt work on me. And the nurses just think they are doing a nice thing by giving away a gift
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Re: A little Sad

Thank goodness my hosiptal didn't give away any formula, samples or anything like that. The bag they gave me had their logo on it, and I got tons of help with latch from the nurses there. I loved that place!

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Re: A little Sad

When my sister delivered at the hospital via c/s the postpartum nurse asked her "what type of formula will you be using?" My sister was a little bit thrown because she hadn't even had a chance to breastfeed yet and they were already assuming she wanted formula. She said "oh none, I'll be breastfeeding" and the nurse actually said "well here at the hospital we like you to supplement". WTH!!!!! Have they even heard of the AAP and WHO recommendations??? Stupid a#$ nurse!
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Re: A little Sad

Originally Posted by paintedbison View Post
Formula companies advertising practices are sick and disgusting. Nestle paid Chicago Hope (remember that tv show... it was sorta like ER) to air a show where a baby was brought into the ER dehydrated because his mother was breastfeeding and not making any milk.
That is actually shocking even to me-- I've been boycotting nestle for a long time and have kind of been sllacking lately but that just renewed my conviction
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Re: A little Sad

I hate that they gift out those formula samples. I got one when I had my daughter, although I really wish I had said no thank-you and left it there. The formula is still just sitting here, I don't know why I haven't thrown it away yet (I think I will do that when I'm done on here!).

When I was in the hospital, there was a nurse who told my SO that I would resent our daughter eventually because of BFing being so difficult and that one bottle of formula wouldn't do any harm. (In reality BFing was not difficult for us at all, I was just being a baby about my nipples hurting We did have a few latch issues in the beginning, but nothing compared to what other mamas have dealt with.)

I thought I read about a hospital in MA (or maybe MA altogether) banning those formula samples? Or maybe I read wrong? IDK but that seems like a good idea
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Re: A little Sad

The hospital I delivered at here has stopped giving them out. (I made a point to congratulate the lc when I met with her about the improved bf friendliness of the hospital, I think she was surprised I noticed!) We got three of them when I delivered ds, three years ago. I ended up using some of it at around 9 months at dc....but returned one to Walmart and got $10 for my trouble. Ha, ha.
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Re: A little Sad

I have really struggled with my supply and appreciated the samples I got, because while I wish I could proudly say 100% breastfed, my ds gets an average of one bottle of formula a day. I didn't get any from our hospital, which was surprising because even though I was breastfeeding the first time around, I still got formula from the hospital and at every doc visit. I appreciate not getting it this time around, but the stuff I got in the mail is nice because it is free and nice to have a back-up. I am really glad my hospital/clinic is no longer handing out the samples though. Some people around here think it is absurd to breastfeed. I looked at one mom who was refusing to do it and I said, "What do you think God made those things for?"

One of the companies sent a nice brouchore (sp so wrong, sorry) and I ignored all the formula parts but found all of the breastfeeding information to be factual and helpful. I took the samples to daycare so they can have a back up in case they run out of milk. MY LO also ended up in the hospital at ten days and my supply dropped from overflowing to pretty much nothing because I was so stressed out! We always gave breastmilk first, but it was nice to be able to suppliment until I could get my supply back up and going, especially since we were there for weight issues and he needed to eat more than he was going to get from me at the moment. So I think the samples are nice, but new moms need to choose to be more educated about their choices. I decided to cloth diaper because my friend was and I have learned so much about everything parenting related that I might not have known had I not joined DS.
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Re: A little Sad

First I think the way some of the formula companies (Nestle specifically) market is disgusting. I believe Nestle marketed in the 3rd world (where safe water isn't always available) and babies died because they got formula instead of BM.
This being said I took the bag from the hospital & the changing pad w/ samples from the doctor. My DD had probably 3 oz of formula the 2 days we got home from the hospital before my milk came in (she was born on Monday night, milk didn't come in until Saturday AM) the colostrum was really getting thin on Thursday and Friday and she would nurse and nurse and nurse and still be hungry. I called a lactation helpline on our 2nd day home because I was concerned and they said that if she had nursed for 20 min. on each breast I could give her 1 oz of formula to "top her off"- I did and it was the only way both of us got more than 45 minute cat naps for 2 days.

Thankfully once my milk came in I had no problems w/ bf'ing- in the hospital everything went great and the nurses were VERY supportive. The one nurse asked me if I wanted the "evil propaganda" bag- and those were her words- not mine. I said yes because I thought it would be handy to have an insulated bag, w/ the ice packs, etc.

Also and this is totally my morbid way of thinking- but I like having the formula samples on hand because I don't really pump and I always think to myself what if I was hit by a truck and DH would have to feed DD?
But I just have a twisted thought process sometimes.
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Re: A little Sad

I got 2 full sized cans of similac in the mail! 1 Advanced and 1 Soy. WTH am i to do w/ them? They're just sitting in my cupboard!
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