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Re: Milk did you determine it was a possiblity?

My DS was never colicky/fussy. But he had a terrible diaper rash that wuld not go away. He also spit up a LOT once every other day. I figured the rash was from a yeast infection (that's what the ped said) and that the spitting up was normal. Both DH and i have allergies so i was watching for them and was on a reduced-dairy diet since h was born (avoided obvious dairy).

I finally went hardcore no soy/no dairy and his rash that had been there over a month disappeared and he stopped spitting up altogether - it took 3 days to see this difference. Now when i accidentally get dairy or soy his symptoms return for a day and he gets greenish bm's with bloody flecks in them.

I am hopeful that he will outgrow these sensitivities by the time he's a year old.


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Re: Milk did you determine it was a possiblity?

Um...... the massive vomiting that lasted two or three hours. TMI below.

The first time I gave her formula was when she was about two months old and I wanted to go out of the house for the first time by myself, and the manual pump was worthless for me, so DH gave her acouple of ounces. but then she nursed a ton that evening (I was only gone an hour or so). She started to cry that night so I went in and she burped up her entire stomach contents from the last 6 hours. Just a little burp, she just opened her mouth as if to give a little baby yawnk, that went alllllll over my shirt and down my bra, and on DD? Nothing, not a drop. Amazing.

I thought I overfed her.

The next time was months later she was 5 months old and I gave her formula to see if she could tolerate it so maybe my mom could sit for her and let me and DH out to dinner. About an hour after she ate she projectile vomited every 20 minutes (you could almost set your watch to it) for three hours. A mad after hours call to the doc ended with a dairy allergy diagnosis which was correct. She is absloutly fine with everything but dairy, and she has since outgrown the allergy. She got dairy accentdally a few more times (3 more times) and the vomiting would happen again. Luckly I recognized the green shade she turned right before she got sick. My poor baby.

Lessons? Buy a real breast pump (for me a PIS backpack) before your child is 6 months old. And next time I have a child as coliky as she was I will cut dairy out of my diet. It did not seem to bother her in my milk, after we figured out at 5 months that she was allergic, unless I binged on a ton of dairy in a day.
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Re: Milk did you determine it was a possiblity?

My dd was covered in eczema head to toe! Poor baby and we didn't figure it out until her 6 month well baby checkup and it was the first thing our ped suggested. So I cut out dairy and within about 3 days she was a new baby! Wonderful. Well, I looooove milk in my tea (thanks to my English parents) and was really suffering, and we had recently switched to raw (unpasteurized) milk (e.g. straight from the cow), so I gave it a try. She had absolutely no reaction whatsoever from the raw milk. If I have any past. milk, though, she breaks out again. Also, I am lactose intolerant, but I can drink raw milk, no prob. The problem is really not the milk, per se, but the fact that it has been pasteurized and all the fragile milk proteins have been denatured and ruined - those "foreign" proteins are really hard to people to digest (not just babies, but tons of adults can't handle dairy either). Check out for more info - it is so much healthier than past. milk!
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Re: Milk did you determine it was a possiblity?

I knew I was allergic to dairy so that was pretty much a given once Noah started to get really bad crying fits and BM were horrible......the dr said colic I laughed sooooo harda nd told him it was from the Ice cream I ate.....even though I am allergic you can't take me away from my Cold stone creamery.

Start with milk, cheese, eggs, and go from there.

I also figured out this weekend that DS is allergic to Pork like me too. Poor kiddo no bacon for him ever!~
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