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Re: My friends reaction

Originally Posted by mgl View Post
I hadn't told her about us ecing, so I thought I would just mention it. I told her I was glad I didn't have to mess with that because dd will only poop on the potty. Her response was that she couldn't do that because it causes you to miss out on such a big developmental milestone. She was talking about potty training. I decided not to get in a discussion/argument with her because I know that I won't change her mind.

I have found that often when I talk about EC to other mothers they can become very defensive. As if it is some kind of personal attack on their parenting. When really, you are just excited to share that it doesn't have to be that way. There is another way. KWIM? Or they have any number of excuses why they are too busy, etc. to EC. Hey, that's fine.

I absolutely LOVE the fact that both of my kids always pooped on the potty after starting solid foods and I never had to clean up poopy diaper messes. I honestly can't imagine. So that's one of the big benefits to me with EC and what I try to convey to other moms! But sometimes, I guess it doesn't come across like that.


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Re: My friends reaction

I agree w/the poster who said that I don't even like to equate this w/PL. If you think about it, the baby can tell you when s/he needs a diaper change by fussing and being uncomfortable. Well, the way I look at it, EC just preempts the need for a diaper change and she tells me beforehand! HOw is putting her on the potty and wiping her any different from changing her diaper and wiping her?!

People just jump to conclusions and make-up their own minds acting like we plunk them on the toilet for hours on end. Dd sits there for a few seconds, does her business (sometimes it takes longer for a poo - just like every other human being). She straightens her legs when she's done (her way of telling me to get her off). I wipe. We flush and wash our hands!

That is really pushing her to grow up! (eyeroll) --Isn't it just a matter of elimination geography???

Originally Posted by TaivensMama View Post
the whole word potty training urks me when it comes to ECing...I went to a friends BBQ and a gal who was floored by Skye using the potty the last time she saw her (and had a baby of her own) said to me "so how is potty training going" I was not in the mood to respond to her as I should have, like um yah we are not potty training her, I really just read her cues to when she needs to go and I am in no rush to have her fully trained...but instead I said oh well she goes when she needs to, but it's not like we are in undies all day yet or anything...she sort of hmmphed like thinking it was a waste of time so invest all that effort if she isn't even "potty trained" by her first birthday...but again thats just the vibe I got, not her actual words...but that is not what we ECers are after...we arn't even claiming it will make "potty training" happen earlier or anything...we are mearly communicating with our babies right?! but agian we are thought to be pushing our babies or trying to get attentions ourselves by doing this with outr babies...

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Re: My friends reaction

Originally Posted by FluffShop View Post
HOw is putting her on the potty and wiping her any different from changing her diaper and wiping her?!
That's what I was just telling my DH. (he's supportive and actually intrigued by EC)

I plan to try it and I figure I'd just ask people the question above. I can either take the time to take him to the toilet, or I can take the time to wipe his butt and clean a diaper. *shrug* EC makes total sense to me.

Sometimes, in our quest to become more "civilized" I think our society has definitely taken some steps backwards.
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Re: My friends reaction

Last I checked, not pooping on yourself wasn't a developmental milestone (although with some husbands, you're never too sure )
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Re: My friends reaction

I am so glad i read "Infant Potty Training" By Laurie Boucke
All those things about the way people react, the responses of the western culture to EC were addressed so succinctly and made so much sense to me that I never get bristled any more when talking about my choice to EC with this baby.
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Re: My friends reaction

If you have the opportunity, let your friend see you pee/poop your LO next time you are together. We potty our DD in our living room so our guests have no choice but to watch! She won't have the opportunity to say NO THANKS. I've found that my family has been happily suprised when they see her HOLD it and then go in her potty (mixing bowl...she's still only 2 months old). Some still make stupid comments ("your the one trained") but they DO see how natural and normal it is.
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Re: My friends reaction

I get negative reactions all the time! It is so frustrating. One of my mom's friends made a side comment to his wife, "That is just so wrong". Uh, excuse me? As if I hadn't researched and read everything I could about it. As if teaching my child to pee in a potty instead of on herself is a form of child abuse. Give me a break. It seems to me that EC should be the norm, not the other way around. Lauren Boucke's book did a fantastic job of highlighting the reasons why EC is seen in such a negative light.

Not to mention, it's a great way to respond to your baby's needs and to communicate with when they don't have the words to do it themselves.
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