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Pumping at work question

For those of you who pump while working away from your baby, how often do you pump every day?

With my 1st DD I pumped twice a day and did just fine, but my supply was excellent and I never had to worry about quantity. I pumped about 6-8 oz per side in 15 minutes twice a day.

But this time its a different story. I pump at home a few times a day with my DD and only get about 2-3 oz a side each time in about 15 minutes. I am afraid if I only pump twice a day this time (DD goes to daycare starting tomorrow. ) I wont keep enough supply going.

Should I do it more often? I need to know what to plan for I guess. I am hoping to stop in and see her on my lunch time and do a quick 15 minute feeding and then pumping at least 2 times at home (I work from home) but I dont know if it will be enough.

Anyone have any advice?


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Re: Pumping at work question

I'm presuming that you are nursing as well as pumping at home. So it isn't surprising that your supply isn't as abundant. You might find it to be greater when you are apart and she isn't nursing.

I started pumping 3x a day but am down to 2. I make just enough to be about 3 days ahead of her daycare needs. Like you, this is completely different from my first--I actually ended up dumping probably 1.5 gallons down the drain after he was 2 years old (and it had been in the freezer for a year)--I had a very abundant supply. Now I have a "perfect" supply. I hope that the same is true for you--that you are able to provide enough while you are apart.
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Re: Pumping at work question

Yeah I agree with the previous poster that it very well may be different when you are away from your LO. That being said you'll probably have to experiment some with pumping schedules to figure out what you need to do to get what your LO needs. Heck I've been back to work full time for 4 months now and I still sometimes feel like I'm trying to figure out what I need to do to get enough milk, but I don't respond all that well for the pump unfortunately.

Good luck,
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Re: Pumping at work question

There are a lot of factors that come into it, how your body responds to the pump, how much baby takes, how neurotic you are

I pumped 5x a day on my working days and 2x a day when not working.

I pumped on the way to work, at 10:30, 2:30, on the way home at 5pm and again just before bed. DD also reverse cycled and the most she ever took at dc was 12oz. so, I was pumping 20-30oz a day and far exceeding what she needed. I was CONVINCED that something would happen and I wouldn’t have enough milk for her.

Most people can get away w/pumping 2x at work and once at home. Some people don’t pump on their non working days.

It’s a bit of trial and error. But I will say that for me building a ‘stash’ before going back to work, even if its very small is very comforting as a cushion.
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Re: Pumping at work question

With ODS I pumped three times a day and then went down to twice a day. At my peak I was bringing home up to twenty oz. Most of which went unused as my son preferred to reverse cycle.

With Killian, I pump once a day and I bring home half because he has been refusing bottles and sippys. I usually pump at least 10oz a day. I don't pump when I'm away from work.
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Re: Pumping at work question

I pumped once in the morning, at lunch and once in the afternoon! good luck!
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Re: Pumping at work question

I pump twice a day at 12:30 and at 3:30 (my last feeding of my son is usually 8:30), I get 6 ounces in the first pump (double pumping, so 3 oz a side) and 4 ounces at the second pump (2 oz per side).
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Re: Pumping at work question

At minimum I would make sure to pump for any feeding that you miss (e.g. if baby eats every 3 hours, pump every 3 hours). And depending how your supply goes, you may have to increase that. Going to daycare to feed her is a great idea, babies are so much better than a pump at keeping your suppy up!
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Re: Pumping at work question

Here's what I do. As soon as I drop off the kidlets (right after I get in the car), I hook me up and start the pump (I have an Ameda hospital grade one). I will pump the entire commute to work (20mins) and when I get there I'm totally empty. I will pump once around 10-10:30am depending on my work load. I pump around 1pm (take a late lunch) and sometimes will hook me up on the drive to pick up the kidlets and pump some more then. I will pump at home only if I have to.
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