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BF ?'s for SIL

SIL just had baby on Thurs (all natural ) Her lactation consultant wasn't very helpful so they asked me some questions. I want to make sure I give her the right answers since I EP'd.
Their son takes in the whole areola which is good but she said it still hurts. She said it hurts the entire time he is nursing to. She said she had sensitive nipples before. Do you think that it takes a while for your nipples to toughin up? I told her that it would probably take a little bit but if she was uncomfortable and in doubt call the a consultant from the hosp.
Any advice would be great!


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Re: BF ?'s for SIL

Call the hosp. LC or LLL. It really shouldn't hurt but may be uncomfortable. Local WIC offices may have an LC too. HTH.
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Re: BF ?'s for SIL

I had rough rough hurting nipples for 2 weeks w/ both kids. like biting my lip hurts. i would kick my foot and squeek, it took a little while for mine to toughen up. just make sure the lo isnt sucking in its bottom lip while nursing BC that can make it painfull the entire time. it hurt for me the first few mins then it was OK for the first 2 weeks. after that smoth sailing untill teeth. but thats a whole new thread! tell her to keep it up and congrats!

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Re: BF ?'s for SIL

I had pretty sensitive nipples, but she just had her baby! It takes a while for your nipples to get used to the baby nursing on them. I think it took about two weeks for me and it didn't hurt after that. Tell her to give it time and take some Tylenol and the pain will pass. Her body just has to adjust.

Congrats to her and her au naturale birth!
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Re: BF ?'s for SIL

I was in so much pain for the first two weeks that my eyes would tear up when I bf with all 3 of my babies. The pain eventually lessens and goes away completely. Remember to switch positions each time u feed and use a nipple protectant.
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Re: BF ?'s for SIL

Yeah, I had a super tough time getting use to it again this time around. It took a good week or so. Hurt really bad for the first few mintues then lessoned during the rest of the feeding but still hurt. It did get better and became great as all breastfeeding usually does. Tell her to make sure she's wearing cotton breathable bras and tees so her nipples get air between feedings. No nylon or polyester...I actually cut the nipple area out of my older nursing bra for wearing at home in the beginning, it gave me the support but allowed for me to air and dry out well. Also, putting lanolin on helped. Tell her to stick with it and I promise her (if all is healthy), the pain will not compare to the ease and love of breastfeeding her baby!
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Re: BF ?'s for SIL

I had pain, just stock up on lanolin! If it's a bad pain, like burning, then it might be something else like thrush, or if the nipple looks.. deformed.. after nursing it'd be a sign of poor latch, but if the latch looks good then it's probably just sensitivity. At 9 months now I can nurse with no pain at all, but the first few months were tough, I needed lanolin after each nursing
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Re: BF ?'s for SIL

Have her try some lanolin (but don't overuse it, my overuse of it made my pain worse) - She will toughen up eventually - it took me about 4 weeks for my nips to get toughened up, it was HE double hockeysticks for a while, but it got better and the plain completely disappeared.
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Re: BF ?'s for SIL

I 2nd all of those who suggested using some lanolin- also something she should keep in mind is that she just had her DS and her milk may not be fully in yet. Mine didn't come in for 4-5 days- once it came in it made nursing much more comfortable.
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