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Pumping Issues and I work

From day 1 I've had a great supply. DD nursed like a champ from the beginning and we're going strong now for over 9 months with nursing on demand. I also pumped from the beginning because I had such a huge supply and had a great freezer stash. I went back to when DD was 5 months (3 days/week for 6hrs) and I pump when I'm at work and nurse her on demand when we're together.

For the past 3 weeks I can hardly pump anything. I'm lucky if I can get 2 oz's (and I used to be able to get 10oz's in a single pumping session). I've had to use my freezer stash and it's drastically dwindling. I know there's enough milk there because DD still nurses so I know I'm not drying up, but I don't know what to do with regards to pumping.

I could just about cry at the thought of giving her formula for the 1 or 2 bottles that she has to take while I'm at work, but what else can I do? I've increased my water and tried the Mother's Nursing Tea. I don't want to increase my supply persay since it's regulated and DD is doing well with it (i.e. I'm no longer engorged and don't have to wear nursing pads 24/7), but I guess if it means that's the only way I'll be able pump than I'll do it.

If I do have to use a formula for when I'm at work what's the best one? Has anybody had a good experience with supplementing with formula occasionally and still continued to BF? I really want to BF until at least 18 months or longer. I don't want her to prefer the formula to me. I'm at a loss. BF'ing is going great, it's just the pumping that isn't.


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Re: Pumping Issues and I work

That's a tough one. I've had to pump at work and never gotten more than 4oz a pumping session, so I'm always on the edge.
What type of pump do you have? I had a friend reecntly tell me that with my Medela Pump in Style you should replace the little white valves every 3 months or so. made a big difference for me.
Looking at a current picture while pumping can help.
Warm packs applied to the breast.

I'm sure you'll resolve it. I've found that my sons have adjusted their nursing schedule and eat far less when I'm at work, and then make up for it in the evening when I get home by cluster feeding. You may find that even if you can't pump more than this you still will not need to supplement with formula.
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