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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

DD #1-Faye. That was my Great-Grandmother's middle name. Well, actually, Rebecca was her middle name, but during her confirmation (we are Catholic) the bishop asked her, what was her full name, and she replied Helen Faye Palmquist. (Her parent's about fell out thier seats!!!)
My Great-Grandmother was my everything, and ever since she died I've suffered from PTSD and severe depression!

DD#2- Elizabeth, the Name of my Aunt who I grew VERY close with. Also, My grandfather's initials are EEB. My aunt elizabeth was the last to be born, and when the doctor came out and told him that it was a girl, my grandfather cried (his 5th daughter born, NO sons), so he wanted his child to have the EEB initials, so that's why my aunt is elizabeth. So I followed the tradition, so my DD's initials are EEB (my children have my lastname).


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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

Gretchen Alana - Our requirements for a name was that it wasn't a really popular name and that it wasn't completely unheard of or spelled odd. We went through so many names and could not agree on anything. Gretchen was a name that fulfilled our requirements and we both liked, though my husband liked it more then me. Every name I tried on him after that he would respond with, "I still like Gretchen better." She came three weeks early and I still wasn't sure about the name, but I decided to go with it. I am really happy with it now. Her middle name was after my Aunt who passed away when I was a child and also because it's Hawaiian. We got married in Hawaii and we love it there. We've been there the last two years. Her middle name means "Awakening", which she truly was!
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

I really have no idea. I liked Jack and it's really uncommon around here. Alexander is his father's middle name.
Becky, unexpectedly widowed the night after my egg retrieval for IVF. Feb 23, 2013. Was married to Chris.
Jack (6)
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

Reilly Ross - It was either this or Aiden Quinn...and after someone pointed out that there is an actor named exactly that, well, it didn't take much to sway he just looked like a Reilly when he was born, and Ross is a family name on DH's side. We also preferred the traditional Irish spelling so we went with that.

Reide Cullen - He was *this* close to being Cullen Reide...I wouldn't even do the birth certificate when they brought it to me the first time because DH & I couldn't agree on the order of his names. I finally gave in because I knew that people would screw up his name and call him Collin for his entire life. It was by accident that we did the "Rei" thing for both of them...and again we wanted an Irish name in there somewhere.

Reigan Susann - I dreamt about her when I was 10weeks and was told in my dream by my deceased Grandpa that this was what I was supposed to name her. Regan is the traditional Irish spelling, but we tweaked it to match the boys since she was *supposed* to be our last kid...oops! It means "little ruler" and it's SO her. LOL! Susann is a combination of Susan and Ann...Susan for my DH's aunt who was stillborn, and Ann which is mine & my mom's middle name.

Reiker Parlen - Well, we couldn't let him be the only one without an "Rei" name so we went back over our list and this one just kept jumping out at us...Parlen is the Irish equivolent to Bartholomew...and Bartholomew means "son of Bart"...which Reiker is, so it was just cool like that!

Now...for #5...if it's a boy? We're screwed. LOL If it's a girl, I've got a couple names picked out...but we're not worrying about it until after the ultrasound next month, LOL!
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

Cooper Gerald - Just heard the name on some baby show. I had "tried out" a ton of different names with my dh and he hated all of them... until Cooper came along! So, that was that. Gerald is my dh's name, his father's name, and his grandmother is Geraldine... its also my dh's maternal uncle's name.

Anabelle Laurie - Once again, we had a hard time. We had three names on a list (Scarlette, Ryleigh, and Anabelle) and we ranked them individually. My list was 1. Scarlette 2. ANabelle and 3. Ryleigh... My dh's list was 1. Ryleigh 2. Anabelle 3. Scarlette... so to avoid arguments, we went with Anabelle! LOL! Laurie is my mom's name. I really like her name and how it is spelled, so that decision was easy at least!

I have names chosen for our future children too! Not telling though I don't even think that we're telling family next time until the baby is born.
Mom to Cooper Gerald (12-01-2005) and Anabelle Laurie (03-06-2007)
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

DH and I have decided that all of our children will have first names that we just like and middle names that have some sort of family signifigance.
So, DD is Lydia cuz we like it and Kay b/c that was my g-mother who died when I was ten.
If the next child is a boy, the middle name will be Ray since that's all the boys middle name in DH's family. If it's a girl, her middle name will be some sort of mix of Iva and Deloris, my maternal g-mother's name....have no idea what exactly though...haha!
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Re: how did you pick your LO's name?

When I got married I did not change my last name for several reasons. My primary reason was so it would be easier for my daughter, lost to adoption, to find me if my name remained the same.

When we decided to have another child, my husband decided to change his last name to mine so our entire family would have the same last name. So, my son has my husbands family's last name for his first name. His middle name is my husband's grandfather's first name. I love my son's name and I have to say, my husband rocks!

My husband's family is not exactly thrilled. My family however is very happy. My father was the last male in the family and now my son can carry on our family's name.

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