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Re: My twins are tearing me apart!

My son just turned 3 and he has started the same stuff!

The only thing that I have found to work is LOTS of time playing outside! I take him out at least 3 hours a day to run around, ride his bike, etc. It wears him out and he's a lot more compliant (and goes to bed by 8pm)!


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Re: My twins are tearing me apart!

Originally Posted by TJR2119 View Post
I could never imagine locking my kid(s) in a room, especially at such a young age

Here we have a three strike rule like Grace and he will get a time out if he gets all three strikes. Then we do a 2 minute time out. Certain things are not tolerated at all, such as hitting, biting etc. Those are straight to time out. I always tell him why he's going to time out and after his time is up I remind him of why he was in time out. Then he apologizes and goes on to play.

But in your case they honestly could be acting up because they are getting so little sleep! Like you said they are whiny and fighting. I would just enforce naptime/bedtime. Establish a routine. You are their mom and they have to learn to listen to you. If they get up after you put them in bed, I would just continue putting them back to bed without saying a word to them (yes I watch Supernanny).

Eventually they will get the hint and stay in bed. I recently went through something similar with Jayden (except he was taking extremely short naps, going to sleep late at night and waking up early) and within a week he was back to regular naps and normal sleeping hours. Your girls are 2 months older then my son and I would SOOOOO be ripping out my hair if he didn't nap!!

Our routine is like this:

8:00- 8:15 AM wake up
Change diaper/Brush teeth
8:45 breakfast
9:00-12:30 relax/play/read etc/snack (somewhere around 10:30 to 11)
12:30 lunch
1:30 nap
Then I will let him nap until he gets up (as long as it's been AT LEAST 1.5 hrs, if not I put him back into bed and tuck him in and tell him its not time to get up yet because he will still be cranky with anything less. He usually falls back to sleep) If he doesnt wake up by 4 I wake him up because if I don't he will not sleep at night.
4:00 relax/play/read etc/snack
6:30 dinner
afterwards relax/play/read etc
8:30 bath/lotion
8:45 milk & storytime
9:15ish brush teeth/prayers/kisses/tuck him in
9:30 lights out

That's what works best for us.

As for the diapers, try the duct tape if you use sposies. Or maybe putting the diapers on backwards? I haven't gone through this yet but Jayden always has pant/shorts with a shirt on (or if its hot then just a onesie) at all times so he can't open his diaper

Sorry this is so long but I really hope it was some help to you. It must be so hard to be a mom of 3 LO's under 3!!
Gotta agree with this poster. Two is hard enough with all the testing, pushing boundaries, wanting to be independent, yet still wanting mommy, double it and it can be a nightmare, not to mention another child. Just when you get one doing something the other one starts something else and oh how they can play off each other! You need to get those girls some rest, seperate them if you have to, are they sharing a room? Set the boundaries and then enforce it. Maybe try to give them some one on one time when you can even if it is giving one a bath alone so you can talk to them and not stop every 3 seconds to break up a fight, a lot of sib rivalry comes from wanting that attention. Are their friends or family who can help you so you can catch a break for yourself? Have you looked into joining a local mom of twins club or even a teen parents group for support? DS is awesome, here is another great forum for twin mommies as well:

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Re: My twins are tearing me apart!

good suggestions here!! Makes me nervous for my lo to turn 2 though.
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