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Re: ACK!!! Scared to Death! Breathing Lapse and Terrified of SIDS

No advice, just hugs. That would have scared the heck out of me too.


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Re: ACK!!! Scared to Death! Breathing Lapse and Terrified of SIDS

This happened to a mom in my moms group. Her doc was similar with the response. She got a new doc. Her boy is healthy and fine and 15 months old. It is hard when these things happen. Luckily your baby has you devoted and paying close attention. On the SIDs stuff...I say get a bebe safe cover for your co-sleeper and rest easy (as easily as you can). Read up on the break through info on SIDs research in New Zealand having to do with mattresses. I also read that post in the grief section and was made to promise not to go in to the grief area any more by my DH. You should stay out too!! That area is not meant for a mama with a healthy baby in the first few months when things can feel so delicate. No more grief post reading for you mama!!
Here are some links:
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Re: ACK!!! Scared to Death! Breathing Lapse and Terrified of SIDS

dang it. i had this huge post and grace pressed a button and my computer ate it.

backseat typer.

anyway, really quick now since she's fussy:

sara has never snored a day in her life. and she had apnea and bradycardic episodes(heartrate slows below 80bpm) until 5 months old. it was something she grew out of but there was a time when we were going down the highway at 70mph when she didn't self-adjust when the monitor went off and I almost killed us trying to drive and smack her carseat to wake her up and get her to breathe. So better safe than sorry in my mind. and she didn't always turn blue after 20-30 seconds. I really think you need a second opinion.
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Re: ACK!!! Scared to Death! Breathing Lapse and Terrified of SIDS

I'm so sorry -- how scary.

Google Dr James McKenna -- he runs a sleep lab at Notre Dame and has discovered that when a baby sleeps with their mother, the babies breathing is actually regulated.

SIDS is far far rarer in cosleeping countries.

The cosleeping tragedies we hear about here are very very very nearly always someone breaking one of the rules of cosleeping -- a baby sleeping with a smoker, someone who has been drinking, on a couch or chair, or with a heavy sleeper who is overtired, or with heavy blankets and pillows, or in a place where the baby could fall and get trapped between something. Cosleeping SAFELY is vital, for obvious reasons, but I found being right next to my daughter very reassuring. She had a reflux episode with flailing and changing color (silently) and it scared both my husband enough to wonder if she would have been okay or not had she not been there for us to SEE what was happening, pick her up, pat her on the back, etc.

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Re: ACK!!! Scared to Death! Breathing Lapse and Terrified of SIDS

How scary. My youngestg child stopped breathing while in a sling when he was 2 weeks old. I thank G-d every day thatI was wearing him and he was not in his carseat where I would not have noticed.

We went by ambuance to the ER where he did this again. He was admitted for 2 days and I refused to leave without an apnea moniter. He did have RSV but it was not severe. The jury is still our on whether it was RSV or his severe reflux which caused this.

Anyway he was on an apnea moniter for 4 months and is now a healthy 2yr old.
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Re: ACK!!! Scared to Death! Breathing Lapse and Terrified of SIDS

Okay, we're still keeping a close eye on DD and she hasn't shown any signs of breathing lapses since then. We're doing the timer-thing again tonight so I'll be up to check on her. Thanks for the tips and reassurances.
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Re: ACK!!! Scared to Death! Breathing Lapse and Terrified of SIDS

That sounds so scary! I am a HUGE advocate of co-sleeping safely of course (as a pp mentioned!) I wouldn't let this scare you out of co-sleeping although one thing concerned me... you mentioned a little if any sleep you have had... you will be "overtired" when you do go to sleep after these wakeful paranoid nights and that could become dangerous. You really need to get some rest mama so you are able to co-sleep safely
I wouldn't tolerate an ill, irritated, short-answering, seemingly non-concerned Ped for one second. You pay Peds/Docs VERY well for their services... If they are not giving you what you pay for then it is time for another one who will. Always remember that doctors are your "HIRED SERVANTS!"

I hope all is well soon and that you get the answers you need and the REST you need.

BTW... you scared me a little with the snoring comment My little guy snores so loud that my DH will get up and go to the couch because it keeps him awake and my mom can hear him snoring over the phone when she calls! My other two boys snored too though...
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