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Re: Hospital Jaundice Worries

My daughter was jaundice when she was born. They never pushed us into doing formula but we chose to. We only did it for a couple wks if that, but I was also breastfeeding her too. So I would breast feed her and then feed her some formula. So she wasnt just getting formula. Now my nephew was jaundice as well. He was worse then my daughter, they had him under lights. My sister got to bring this box home of lights and he had to stay in there unless to feed but then the blanket had to be around him. They told my sister to just BF use formula only if they wished. She never used formula at all. So I really think that hospitals wont push as long as you tell them how you feel. I had my daughter at a different hospital then my sister had hers.


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Re: Hospital Jaundice Worries

My twins were both jaundice. Both had to come home on billi blankets, a light that goes under their clothes and against their backs that they lay on. DS had to be readmitted (for apnea also) and under the big light. He was severly jaundice, #'s up around 19. We wanted him home within 24hrs because it was Dec. 22 when we were admitted. We asked the dr what we could do to help bring it down faster and he said, "give formula, but I would NEVER tell you to do that. BF'ing is best and the jaundice will come down just more slowly." (of course, he couldn't latch at that point and most of what he got was EBM not straight from the tap. No nipple confussion here either.) He did get to come home 24hrs later because it was the holidays, but he was on a billi blanket and had to have his blood drawn everyday for like 6 days in a row. If you don't want formula, just tell them and nurse, nurse, nurse.
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Re: Hospital Jaundice Worries

There are different types of jaundice and which type it is matters. My DS had ABO incompatibility jaundice. This type is a blood incompatibility which occurs when mother and baby have different blood types and some of their blood has co-mingled either during the pregnancy or during delivery. I have O+ blood and DS has B+. When they know the mother has AB- or O+ blood, they automatically test a sample of cord blood from the infant to check. If they tell you that your baby is Coombs positive, then the blood did interact and one is attacking the other which leads to high levels of billirubins, which means your baby is on the way to being jaundiced.

When that happens, at our hospital, they tried to make sure DS did breastfeed as often as possible, but we had a hard time latching and he had a hard time with learning as fast as they wanted him to learn. He had very high levels, but we were able to leave with a billiblanket and by the time he was a week old he was fine.

The other forms of jaundice I have heard typically are not as bad. Lots of babies get jaundice. Pooping get the billirubins out of their system, so all types of jaundice are treated by feeding. If I hadn't had trouble breastfeeding, then no one would have given DS formula. I was becoming very frustrated and stressed because of the trouble I was having feeding him. We first started with baiting him with the formula and then we fed him a couple of ounces with a syringe.

Hope that helps!
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Re: Hospital Jaundice Worries

all three of my boys were full-term healthy babies who were jaundiced. With my first I didn't know anybetter and I let them give him formula (I went on to nurse exclusively and he weaned at 2 despite the odds and my lack of info!) With number 2 and 3 I REFUSED to allow anyone to come near my babies with ANYTHING! Ian(#2) was mildly jaundiced and it cleared up fine. Aiden who was born this year was bad enough that we had to do the home health billi-lights for 3 days. At that time we were still seeing the Ped (have sinced switched to a family doctor!) and she even called me from her home telling me that I MUST stop breastfeeding for 24 hours and feed nothing but formula just to "see" if it was the dangerous kind of jaundice or "breastfeeding" jaundice. I very boldly and plainly told her that I would absolutely not introduce one miniscule drop of that infant poison (formula) into my baby's body and that I had done my research and was confident in the fact that it would clear up on its own by only breastfeeding. She was fighting mad at me, but i stood my ground... AND GUESS WHAT.... HE WAS JUST FINE!!! There have actually been some studies done by Dr. Newman that suggest that some level of jaundice is normal for a while and that doctors are to quick to see it as a problem that must be "fixed!"
Don't let those pesky docs or nurses sway you one bit!
You give that baby what he/she was born to have!!! has lots of good info on it... you can even print it out and take it with you as your reassurance and also to inform the staff!
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Re: Hospital Jaundice Worries

I was livid when my son was born. He was born at 35 weeks and initially has trouble breathing so they took him down to the NICU. My husband went with him but all was good and even before he reached the NICU he started breathing normal. My husband took tons of pictures then came back up to me. I was cleaned up and they told me when the nurse came in she would take me down to see my baby.

Now he was born at 4:50pm. 5:30 rolls around still no nurse, I'm starving my MIL was around and had a huge bag of ritz crackers which I ate (the whole bag). 6 rolls around and I'm getting inpatient I want to see my baby. My MIL goes to inquire were my nurse is. Well to cut along story short. It was almost 9 before I held my baby for the first time. By this time, they had bathed him, fed him formula twice. I was beyond upset. I was mega pissed off. My MIL was too and actually made a complaint.

They told me not to worry he would still nurse, but the first time I tried he was not interested because he wasn't hungry.

With this one I've been telling my Midwife and doctors no formula over and over again. When we get to the hospital I will be shouting it to everyone who will listen. I like the idea of taping something on the bassinet. I need to remember that one.

Oh and my son was jaundice, but they let us bring him home after two days. He wasn't given any treatment in the hospital. But we had to take him back two days later to get his blood level re-checked. It had gone very high so he was admitted back into the NICU and spent two more days in the NICU under the lamps. I stayed at the hospital and pumped every two hours so he could be bottled fed my milk no their stuff.
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