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What does your 11/12-month-old eat?

Basically, I am looking for more ideas for my daughter. She will be one-year-old on July 20th...

Right now, she is eating:

Meal 1 (at home): she is offered an 8 oz. bottle, but typically drinks 2-3 oz.
Snack (at daycare): whatever they have at the center that's on her approved list... usually it's vanilla wafers (she usually has 3) or graham crackers (she usually eats an entire sheet/4 rectangles).
Meal 2 (at daycare): 4 oz. jar of baby food - usually a meat + veggie (turkey and sweet potatoes is her favorite right now, but she also likes chicken and apples, etc.)
Snack/Meal (at daycare) 4 oz. baby food - fruit usually.

Now... sometimes, even though we've asked them a whole bunch of times to give her TWO jars + a snack, they sometimes give her a bottle instead of her second jar.

Often times, she'll have a snack when we get home from daycare... usually a handful of cheerios, a graham cracker sheet, etc... anything she can feed herself.

She wakes up between 6:30 a.m. and 7 a.m. She is at daycare from 7:45 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. She goes to bed between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.

She eats dinner (usually two 4 oz. jars) around 6 p.m., then has a bottle at bedtime. She is consuming 24-32 oz. of formula... and about 16 oz. of jarred foods + snacks.

We need more ideas... she likes chicken, tuna, salmon, perch, turkey, ham, beef, all of the orange vegetables, pudding, yogurt, wafer cookies, graham crackers, animal cookies, pasta, pancakes, waffles, tortilla roll ups... and a few other things.

She does not like oatmeal, rice cereal, multigrain cereal, green vegetables, anything that is overly seasoned...

Any suggestions on more filling/nutritious things? She only has 4 teeth... both bottom middle (got those at 7 & 8 months) and both top middle (got those at 11 months... they're not all the way down yet).

She doesn't know how to use a spoon properly yet, though she tries (she even tries to feed me with it).

I was thinking that we should be sending breakfast with her, so they can feed it to her at daycare since she's not really taking any significant amount of a bottle for DP before daycare. Would a multigrain waffle be OK? I want something that'll help fill her up, so we can reduce the amount of formula again.

She is around 24 lbs. and about 32" tall. She is skinny everywhere, except for her thighs and cheeks. She is crawling very, very fast... and can stand on her own, but hasn't taken any steps yet.


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Re: What does your 11/12-month-old eat?

By 12 months both of my boys were eating whatever we were eating. Just cut up into smaller pieces.
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Re: What does your 11/12-month-old eat?

My dd is 14 months but has been eating the same stuff since she was 12 months. I would love it if she would eat what we do but she's going through a pick phase, at least I hope it's a phase. I try and vary it but right now she doesn't eat much. These are basically the things I choose from at each feeding. I don't like giving her the pasta pick ups but she absolutely loves them so I buy the organic ones that have veggies in them.

-whole weat toast
-whole wheat frozen waffle/pancake
-blueberry muffin
-fruity cheerios

-cheese cubes
-fruit cup
-organic graham crackers
-apple sauce
-organic cereal bar

-pizza (on an english muffin with pureed carrots instead of pizza sauce)
-Gerber pasta pick ups
-grilled cheese
-cheese cubes & crackers
-macaroni and cheese

-fruit cup

-gerber pasta pick ups
-grilled cheese
-sometimes chicken nuggets cut up
-fruit cup
-cheese cubes
-macaroni and cheese
-usually she'll eat a little of what we are too but not much
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Re: What does your 11/12-month-old eat?

Nothing but breastmilk here yet, and he'll be 1 on Monday! Well, a few times he's actually eaten a tiny chunk or two of sweet potato or banana, but usually he just plays with any food we give him and it doesn't make it to his mouth....

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Re: What does your 11/12-month-old eat?

Marissa loves to feed herself small pieces of toast. If she sees the toast she won't eat anything else I try to feed her. I used to feed her small pieces of cheese slices or shredded cheese that she could feed herself until I realized dairy was giving her the runs. She loves rice and barley. She really really loves barley. (not the baby cereals but the whole grain stuff)
she likes to feed herself plain macaroni noodles, usually whole wheat. She gets a lot of thawed frozen fruits and veggies. They are still soft, but have more texture then baby food. She loves chicken and has just tried fish and enjoys that too. They say that foods with eggs cooked in them are ok as long as there is no family history of allergies, so waffles should be ok. Marissa has tried and liked pancakes. as long as it isn't on the forbidden list, I let her try anything that isn't fried or heavily sauced. lots of tips on this site.
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