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Re: At times I'm jealous....VENT

Originally Posted by DommysMommy View Post
Where did she take her frustration out on the kids?
Yeah, they misbehaved and she sent them to bed. I dont see how that is "taking out her frustrations" on them?


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Re: At times I'm jealous....VENT

Mama. I think a good vent and then a night out/in may be in order. Hope you get some "you" time. We are all deserving of that.

I'm an older Mom too and some days I'm just tired. I remind myself that they have no idea that I'm "old", and try to rally. When I can't...... I call one of my friend's daughters to be a Mommy's helper. Huge mood improvement and worth every penny. I have the best luck with girls who are around 12, who really like playing with children and doing crafts. Then I take a bubble bath or just read a book. Me time saves me when I'm blue.

PS. Our 3 year old always goes to bed by 8:00, it gives us time with our older daughter. Maybe you could have the older ones help with bed time and reward with a family game or something?
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Re: At times I'm jealous....VENT

I'm sorry mama. My mom has 7 kids, and she use to have to deal with the same thing. She still has 5 at home though, so I guess it's not much better even though they are 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 years old. ROFL! Sometimes teens and preteens are worse. I personally feel jealous sometimes too. I'm only 21 years old, and I have a 3 year old and almost 2 year old, plus I'm married with lots of fun responsibilities. I don't get to sit, eat, talk, shop, or anything without them fighting over absolutely nothing. I see ppl my age out partying, shopping, goofing off, and etc. which even though I have no interest in it I sometimes get jealous. Being young with no responsibilities sounds so lovely at times when my kids just won't stop whining and crying, especially when ppl are being rude about my kids being loud. That gets old fast. I love my kids with all my heart, and honestly I wouldn't change my life at all. We all wish our kids would come with mute buttons though sometimes I think.

Hopefully you can get a break soon. Could some of your older kids watch the younger ones while you go out and get pampered? I told my sister that she gets to take my kids for a day while I go out for my birthday later this year cuz otherwise I'll lose my mind. LOL!
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Re: At times I'm jealous....VENT

Originally Posted by DommysMommy View Post
Where did she take her frustration out on the kids?
My guess is when she said she put them to bed early, but that was the consequence for acting up. Nothing wrong with that, IMO! When my DD acts up, is whiney, or whatever - she goes to bed earlier than normal. I'm not taking any frustrations out on her. Just the way it is in my house.

ANYWAY! I'm sorry OP! I agree with the others who have suggested maybe hiring a teenage neighbor girl once a week or something and leave some of the littles with her while you enjoy one of your older kids games/activities! It may be good for them too - to interact with someone new, and get to do something fun (finger painting, playdough, etc...).

Good luck!!!
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Re: At times I'm jealous....VENT

I don't have anyone outside my own kids to babysit. I do rely on my older kids at time when I absolutely need to go out without little ones like grocery etc. They help out alot at home like helping to brush teeth and diaper put in and out of car etc. I also keep in mind that they aren't the parents so I usually don't ask them to do more than I think they ought. Therefore, when I do ask for help they are more than willing to help without complaining. I have homeschooled some of my kids at different times for the last 9 years. Next year we have decided to go ahead and put my 7 year old in school. He was the only one at this time that I am HSing. The 3 year old has some speech delays so he has an IEP and will be going to a preschool for 1/2 day 4 days a week. I'm thinking this will help me alot.
I really do appreciate all your comments. You see, I really don't have any friends to hang out with. My whole life revolves around my kids. I just needed to vent. DS is where I get conversation from other Moms. So to all of you.
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Re: At times I'm jealous....VENT

Originally Posted by taximom View Post
There are so many times I try to go somewhere and I see all these other people my age getting to sit and relax and enjoy their time. Whether it be a cookout, a ball game, or just an evening at home. All the while I am dealing with whining, picking, complaining, diapering little ones. I deal with this with the youngest 4 all the time.
Last night I was so frustrated at my son's game I just left and told them because of their behavior they were all going to bed. So at 8:00 I put them all to bed. Why can't kids just play together and not pick and whine all the time?
I get so frustrated sometimes that I am 42 years old and can't sit and relax like other people my age.
I just read this differently than others. I absolutely DID NOT mean to offend anyone or flame the OP. I read it as she was frustrated with having to deal with their care and behavior, and double frustrated because she was seeing others her age enjoying themselves, and got upset, left, and took them home and made them go to bed.

I agree, discipline is important - no argument there! - but it sounded to me like they were just kids being kids I'm sorry to all.
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Re: At times I'm jealous....VENT

oh mama I am 36 with a 2 yo and plan on having at least one more and I know it won't be easy. Be kind to yourself and don't feel bad in the least for putting them all to bed - sometimes you just need time to de-vent! If you ever wanna chat to another *ahem* older mom, PM me!

Happy New Year!
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