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Who would I call to complain about people living on the beach?

I don't know if anything can be done... There is a public beach where I walk my dog and apparently the harbor area is owned by the federal government. They park all kinds of seized boats there which sit and rot, leak oil and who knows what, and there are a few squatters that live on the boats or have built themselves floating shacks. I'm sure there is raw sewage being put into the ocean. The beach is an environmental disaster anyway, it was where they used to load coal onto boats years ago so the whole beach and ocean is black with coal and now they float logs to the mill which sink and rot, so environmentally it's just sad...

Anyway onto my point: there are some people who have pulled a boat up onto shore for about a month now, and are living in it. Normally I say live and let live, but yesterday we encountered a woman that is living there and I'm not happy.

My dog is not good with strangers so we intentionally take him to this area where it's pretty secluded, now and then we'll encounter another person walking their dog but being dog people they understand if my dog barks at them. He's just scared and runs away from people. We're working on it... But he needs off leash exercise a few times a week so we do what we can without bothering people.

Yesterday he started barking and bouncing around, we thought he saw a bunny or something. All of a sudden this woman comes out of the bushes covered in dirt wearing a bikini and pulling up her pants obviously from using the bushes as her public bathroom. Now the toilet paper we've been seeing here and there for the last month makes sense... He barked at her and ran away, she proceeded to bark and growl at my dog to get him riled up worse and then start saying things like "come here, I'll ring your neck, I'll snap you in half you little s - head" and then started going off about how she was with some "a-holes"... we were walking away from her kind of looking at each other like okayyyyy... and the dog was up ahead of us sniffing around and being calm, and she starts barking and growling at him again and getting him going again. As we were walking away she was still hollering something involving obscenities, then we heard her hollering at somebody else, I don't know if it was the people she was with?

Anyway, who would I call about these people? I want them gone. I always pick up after my dog so I don't appreciate human feces and toilet paper all over the area, not to mention I no longer feel safe for me or my dog down there. I really do think if she had been able to grab him she would have hurt him. I'm 7 months pregnant but when she was threatening my dog it was all I could do to contain my temper and keep walking instead of going for her throat!

Do I call the cops, the city, ???


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Re: Who would I call to complain about people living on the beach?

I would call the police and they can stear you in the right direction. Thats scary don't go down there by your self, just to be safe. Sounds like she is nutso and gosh knows what she's on.
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Re: Who would I call to complain about people living on the beach?

I agree with what Angel0123 posted it would be wise for you to go speak with your police department and if the cant help you i am sure they will tell you who to speak with.
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Re: Who would I call to complain about people living on the beach?

I would call Bylaw. They would have something to say about it. I am such a pain, I have them on speed dial on my cell and call when I see something while out walking. I hate it when I see people zipping by on motorcyles and quads on walking trails.
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