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Reflux Mamas Help!

What I want to know is how old was your LO when they were dignosed and how did you know? What were they doing?

DD is 9 mth old and has been having these episodes after waking from her naps where she may go limp and other times I find her stiff. I rushed her to the ped this morning as she puked twice yesterday. He thinks it's reflux and wants me to start her on gas drops before every feeding. I would have figured it would have hit her before now. She was fussy, gassy around 4 ish mth, I cut dairy out of my diet and she really improved. But nothing since then. She's been lethargic all day today. We have an appt with a ped neurologist on tues so hopefully we will get somewhere. It's not easy watching her.


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Re: Reflux Mamas Help!


First of all, I'm so sorry to hear your LO is not feeling well. My LO was diagnosed at 2 months after having an Upper GI.

Hopefully answers will be coming your way and your LO will improve. Definitely call the doctor's office back and tell them about her laying around. My doctor has said if my LO ever just lays there--extreme lethargy, go to the ER (this was on the weekend), so I would call your DR just to be sure. Fever or anything?

Hugs mama!

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Re: Reflux Mamas Help!

She was seen by her ped this morning, no fever or anything. She threw up twice yesterday, so I'm guessing this is where the reflux issuse is coming in He didn't really have an answer, why all of a sudden now after 2 mths of this, he thinks its reflux. I was just hoping some other Mama's might have an insight and I thank you all for your thoughts. It is scary, as my happy bubby girl is now a fussy sleepy mess, but soon I will hope she feels better.
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Re: Reflux Mamas Help!

Not all babies that have reflux throw up...DD4 has reflux noticed around 2 mos but was told it was colic behavior and to use gas drops, limit/eliminate dairy from my diet, she was placed on Zantac at 5 mos because neither really help, she archs her back to get her esophagus (sorry about spelling) as far away from her stomach as possible so that the acid that comes up doesn't burn DD gets it from her Daddy who has the same problem that gets worse around allergy/sinus season due to sinus drainage into the stomach....maybe she is coming down with something? or teething? It has been said that teething can give babies upset stomachs....Did she eat something new maybe a new food, maybe some kind of food allergy? or a lot before nap and then went to bed very full...DD's daddy and ped warned against feeding her heavily before bed because it could cause serious GI/ stomach probs.....

Hopefully you will find an answer
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Re: Reflux Mamas Help!

I don't know much about reflux except what the 'classic' symptoms are and our experience with it. We suspected ds had reflux at 3 wks and get was put on Zantac but when it wasn't helping and he stopped gaining weight he was finally put on Prevacid which has helped a ton.

He was spitting up from the beginning though and was fussy, didn't eat well etc. I've never noticed any limpness or stiffness. I would also think that if your lo had reflux, you would have seen symptoms before now but like I said, I don't know much except our experience.

Good luck mama! I hope you find an answer. I know how scary it can be not knowing what is going on with your baby.
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