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Another vaccination thread...

I don't want to hijack anyone else's thread, so I'll start my own!

I'm due in about a week, and am somewhat embarrassed to admit that I am just starting to consider the subject of vaccinations... I'm off to a great start, eh?

We do not know where we will be living after my husband graduates - we may be overseas, and I feel that I do need to have our children vaccinated with some of the "musts," in preparation, although I very much agree that some vaccinations are unnecessary. (I don't understand why they feel my baby must have HepB, when I know I have never done drugs, or had sex with anyone but my spouse - and the same of both applies to him).

I am also planning to rule out flu, pox and rotovirus... but am considering the others, hopefully to be given on a delayed schedule. I have seen some of the posts on delaying, but am curious to know what others have done re: exactly when their children received certain vaccinations - so that I have something to work with. Just the bare bones this-is-what-we-did kind of thing.


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Re: Another vaccination thread...

i'm interested to see what others say as well. we vaccinated our first, and have started with our second, but i'm starting to question those decisions now.......
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Re: Another vaccination thread...

I can't offer any advice. I'd like to hear suggestions.
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Re: Another vaccination thread...

We are also looking at living overseas after my husband finishes graduate school. We did the Hep B in the hospital, but we are delaying the others. I'm curous about what other people have done too.
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Re: Another vaccination thread...

We're not vaxing at all, so I can't be too much help, but I did want to mention that in Japan, they started vaxing children at 2 years old and their SIDS rate nearly disappeared. Also, at 2 years, the blood/brain barrier is fully developed, so it makes vaxes a little less dangerous.
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Re: Another vaccination thread...

I agree with you on the hepB. I don't think your child needs it at birth. I had my three boys done at birth and I delay vax. I skip the varicella and mmr untill they start school. I have done the flu vaccine but only because of some health issues my kids have had. I don't do it now though. I have gotten the polio ,dtap,hib and hep on schedule. I have beed doing extensive vax research for 10 years(my oldest is 9) and these are the vaxes I get for my family. But I would suggest doing your own research on which ones you think are important, if any. My oldest was fully vaxed except for the varicella and got it before he went into school. Also, my children stay home and don't go to daycare so I don't think the 18 month shots are necessary untill later. I am happy with every single decision I made on vaxes and don't regret it because I was educated on it before hand. My youngest did have a reaction to one of his 6 month shots but recovered. The only thing I think about is the varicella because they still are not sure how long the immunity lasts. My 9 yo got it when he was 4 and came in contact(direct) with a child who was diagnosed the next day with it and did not get it. My son was also exposed to measels(my sisters infant got it) and did not catch it. my sisters daughter was not at the age yet to get the vaccination and was hospitalised for 1 week but is fine. In no way am I saying that I think vaccinations are 100% effective but I feel comfortable with it. Just a note, make sure you make that decision about the hepb before you have the baby because if you don't want it you need to make sure your wishes are known so they don't give it to the baby without you knowing. I have heard stories of this happening. Good luck with you decision, do what ever your mothers instinct tells!
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Re: Another vaccination thread...

I think this is one of those topics that you need to research yourself (good start!) to decide where you stand.
We did not do HepB- had it in the birth plan, just in case, and that is the one done at birth, so if you know about that one, you have a little time to look at the others.
The best resource I found is a book called What Your Doctor May Not Tell you about Children's Vaccinations. It covers all the vaccinations, where they came from, who should and should not get them, etc. It looks like Overstock has it in stock. . .
For us, we did get the IPV, HiB and DTaP. As of now, we are not getting MMR because in this state, you can't get it individually, Meales, Mumps, Ruebella, and I don't want it given as a group at this age; chicken pox, prevnar . . . or, shoot, I forget the other one.
Oh, and the vaxes we did get, we did not get them all at once, as recommended- we spread them out.
Good luck with your decisions!!
Brandy, Mom to Natalya 7.12.05, Zachary, 11.6.08 and ~Margaret Elizabeth~, our angel 7.2.07 at 31 weeks
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Re: Another vaccination thread...

ETA: Now, this is just what I'm thinking. I very well might wait until 2 years old to start... I'm not sure. I feel like most of the things are stuff he needs to be protected against NOW, but with a delay schedule it wouldn't be as effective anyways for the NOW. *shrug* I'm still deciding. And while I'm deciding, Jackson's isn't getting any.

This is the schedule I have down for the next baby. Jackson's only had his two month shots (all 5), but at 7.5m hasn't had anymore. HepB will probably be given once they get to school. It's mostly spread the same way as AIDS, but there are people ever year who have no idea how they go it. So, since he's home with me now, he doesn't need it. But once he gets into school, who knows what he could come into contact with. So, 5 or 6 probably.

06m: Hib, IPV
08m: Hib, IPV, DTaP
10m: Hib, IPV, DTaP
12m: DTaP
15m: Hib
18m: DTaP
24m: MMR (given Measles first, 6m later given Mumps, 6m later given Ruebella)

2.5 years: Prevnar (aka Pneumococcal, given in one dose)
4 years: IPV Booster
5 years: DTaP Booster
6 years: MMR Booster (going to test immunity first and only give vaccine if needed)
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We don't vaccinate, we kept our sons intact, we use cloth diapers, we co-sleep, we extended RF, we breastfeed, but we watch too much tv and I totally dig plastic! Everyone has their issues, lol.

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Re: Another vaccination thread...

We did a few. We did NOT do Hep B at birth or ever, no plans for that. We DID do Polio and DTaP...well, we did the first 2, but we aren't doing any more for now. And we did those delayed...I think we started at 4 months. If you were to both you could spread them out, so start later ( I think after 6 months sounds better) and do only one at a time and just alternate. I also did ONE round of the Hib at 15 months b/c DS was going to be at camp with me for a month working around lots of kids. We won't do any more of those (not sure if one is even effective or not, it just made me feel better at the time is all I can say about that!).

We do travel overseas occasionally, so we felt the Polio was important enough since this is cropping up again in various areas. We did the DTaP because there was a pertussis outbreak in our area at the time, but I don't really think it's necessary. DS hasn't had any shots since his 6 month appt. if I recall correctly, except the one Hib at 15 months. We will not do any more until after he is 2 or 3, depending on how we feel at that time. If we do MMR at all we will ask for separated shots, but likely we will not do it.

We did ask my DHs family bc they live overseas and we were wondering about other countries' vaccination policies. They have just as many as we do now in Western Europe. Doesn't make it ok, just thought it was an interesting side note.
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