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flying while pregnant???? help!

So, we are flying home to NC from Arkansas at Christmas. I am sooooo excited, but my doctor made me really nervous about flying yesterday. I will be 32-33 weeks when we leave and 35-36 weeks when we fly home. I thought it was fine to fly at before 36 weeks and I won't be quite 36 weeks yet. Has anyone flown late in their pregnancies or been given any advice about this? Does anyone know anyone who has gone into labor on a plane or has had labor induced by flying? I certainly don't want to do anything to endanger my baby. I am in really good shape and have no complication thus far. I didn't with my first baby either. However, I was 11 days early with my first. ANY ADVICE would be greatly appreciated...Thanks


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Re: flying while pregnant???? help!

Get up and walk at least once an hour and drink LOTS of water.

I flew at 19 weeks. Our flight was very turbulent, so we were on fasten seat belts practically the entire flight. Also I did not drink enough water. OMG... I thought I would be ill from how much he kicked and how much cramping I had. Everything was fine in the long run but it was a miserable experience. I've heard other women discuss flying while pregnant. Those who were appropriately hydrated and were able to move around a bit had much better experiences.

One thing... check with the airline beforehand. Some airlines will not allow a woman who is 36 weeks pregnant to fly without a clearance from her doctor.

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Re: flying while pregnant???? help!

Bring documentation from your doctor stating your gestational age. An airline can refuse to let you fly at the door. Use the toilet before you get on the plane. Using one not pregnant is enough of a challenge.

I haven't flown that late in a pregnancy but I did consider and decided it was a bad idea for me (I would of been taking my three year old with me as well and just did not think I could handle it).
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Re: flying while pregnant???? help!


When I was about 30 weeks (I'm now about 36), I flew from Hawaii to Iowa (sister's wedding) and then back to Hawaii and then from Hawaii to San Diego (moving from Hawaii) all in the span of 8 days. I was fine. My DR said it was fine. I have had an uncomplicated pregnancy.

Just like the other post said, drink lots of water. I would take it with you, relying on the flight attendants is a pain. They allow you to bring it on the plane now as long as you get it after you go thru security. Depending on how long the flight is, I'd take at least one 1L bottle with you.

Also check with your airline about their pregnancy policy. Every airline is different and has a different policy. To be on the safe side, take a note from your DR saying how far along you are and that it is ok for you to fly.

Other than that, I'd relax and have a good time.
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Re: flying while pregnant???? help!

my mom did it with me at around 36 weeks she went into labor 3 days later..
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Re: flying while pregnant???? help!

I stopped flying altogether at 30 weeks because my doctor gave me lots of info about mothers who went into early labor due to altitude change....whether is was rare or not, I wasn't taking the chance...
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Re: flying while pregnant???? help!

I've flown all through my pregnancies without any real problems. With ds, I flew as late as 35-36 weeks. I think I was 35w6d for our return flight. My ankles did swell quite a bit that trip. I'm pretty sure the it was sitting for nearly 5 hours that did it (1.5 hour flight immediately followed by a 3.5 hour drive). I tried to walk during the flight, but the plane was small and crowded and I kept bumping people.

I had issues with swelling almost daily after that until he was born at 41 weeks. It wasn't the pitting edema you see with PIH, but it was like once they had swelled, I was much more prone to it.
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