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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

Oh, my. I feel for you. I fought them on it, and didn't end up with the section on the tenth. At my midwife's insistence, we called around to half the ob/gyns in the city, and finally found one who would do a post-dates consult for me, today (I'm now 40 + 3.) She's got me scheduled for a section as of May 23rd, which is exactly 42 weeks. She also says, mind you, that my cervix is not currently favourable for spontaneous labour, she would not advise augmentation or induction, and if my waters break but I don't go into labour, she would suggest going straight to the section. But that's a lot better than all those same recommendations, and a section date of May 10th. I'm glad I waited, and I'm sure if I get to the 23rd, I won't want to wait any longer even if I could.

But four months in advance? Tell them to start looking at dates in the 41st week, because that just isn't enough time. And look at some of the links I was given, further up this thread - they were very helpful. Good luck!


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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

As I just told a mama, I didn't schedule a date to have a c/s. My OB asked if I wanted to, I said no, and that was it.
As for inducing, it's dangerous. It could cause problems. But I think even being induced your chances of having a rupture only go up by very little (we just talked about this at my last ICAN meeting. I can try to get the actual results for you, if you want).

As someone else pointed out, it is your body and your baby. No one can make you do anything. If you don't want to it, then don't.

Have you read Henci Goer's "Thinking women's guide to a better birth"? If not, you should get it. I love this book!!!

Good luck, mama!

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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

Originally Posted by MistyP
I know Cytotec is against the recommendations due to risk of uterine rupture but pitocin can be controlled so some docs will use it.
If I remember correctly NO ONE should agree to letting the dr use Cytotec to induce labor. It's a drug for a completely different purpose and using it for inducing labor is not approved by the FDA. It's caused lots of problems, including maternal death.
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Re: VBAC? What VBAC?

*SHUDDER* Cytotec and Pitocin used for a VBAC??

Hello, drugs that are known to cause problems.. not in every case, but would you want to 'take the chance'?


I second and third and fourth all the ICAN post!!!

Remember one thing, you create your reality. If you are going to have a VBAC, then YOU will have a VBAC. Don't let some sOB push you into an elective surgery!!!!!!!
Of course, I am not in any way shape or form saying to not have a repeat if it is a 100% medical emergency!

I have had 4 VBAC (2HBAC)... my last.. lmao, was hell. I had a sOB tell me flat out, (while he had his fingers inside me telling me that I was 4 cs)...

"How do you plan to have this baby?"

"quickly!" (with a chuckle)

"Ok, well we are going to take you to the OR for your c-section now, the nurse will get your concent papers for you to sign."

"No, I am NOT going to have a c/s. I am going to give birth through my vagina, the same way I have my last 3 babies, the way my body knows how to birth!"

"I will not allow you to have a VBAC with me, you are a repeat C/S, that is the last word."

"and if I refuse to allow you to butcher my body knowing that right now I am safe that the baby is safe and I decide, as I already have, to have another VBAC?"

"Well, you are more then welcome to sign AMA papers and leave... you can drive to another hospital."


I got off that bed, walked into the bathroom, put my clothes on, walked out the room.
The nurse came running after me yelling
"I have papers that you need to sign before you can leave!"

I turned around and screamed at her (mid contraction mind you)...
The elevator doors closed, I went home and had my baby in my bed that night!

Point to me sharing this story is.. you can do it.. it is your choice.. no one can make that for you. Just be informed, do your research, educate yourself!


(This was the 'on call' sOB.. now of course I had never seen this man before this day, and pray to the Gods I never see him again. My situation was much different then yours. My previous care giver "fired" me at 35 weeks cause I refused to consent to certain testing... another thread all on its own.)
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