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Re: My 3 1/2 yo REFUSES to use the potty!!

So we are also on the slow road to PT'ing, (I work 2 jobs outside the home, and DH works full time and goes to school full time, so consistancy is way lacking) One thing that has helped things speed up *a little* for DD (26 months) is that anything to do with potty training happens in the bathroom. Wet diapers and pants all get changed in the restroom. I read that it helps them associate being wet or having to poopoo with the rest room, therefore making the transition smoother? She will pretty much pee any time you put her on the potty, but not really initiate it herself. She'll sometimes say she has to use the potty, but normally, she's already pee'd or poop'd. Sigh.... It is frustrating, but I guess it will click sooner or later... Just wish it was sooner....


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Re: My 3 1/2 yo REFUSES to use the potty!!

Originally Posted by betty14 View Post
I also was wondering if you ASK dd if she wants to go to the potty, or just take her? As long as she's not the obstinate type, just taking her there at regular times and making it a routine may be better than asking her if she wants to go, which may invite a "no" response. Also, she may make potty trips more frequently that way. If you are asking and/or waiting for her to tell you when she wants to go, whe might not be going very often.
I don't ASK, but he sure doesn' come easily.

i have read that you shouldn't force the issue - if he doesn't want to potty then don't fight, but DS is 41 months. I want him trained NOW.
he was pottying when he was 16months! he has never pooped in the potty
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Re: My 3 1/2 yo REFUSES to use the potty!!

My daughter is 3 1/2 and Im having the same problem
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Re: My 3 1/2 yo REFUSES to use the potty!!

My dd is 2.5 and she refuses to go in the potty too.
I can get her to sit on it, but she would rather go in the diaper.
I tried training pants and I got sick of that real fast. It's hard to get them off and when I do, the contents go all over her legs.
I tried no diaper and she peed all over the rug 3 times in one day. I had her on the potty but I had to leave her for a moment to get the 7 mo old that was screaming. When I came back, she had peed on the bathroom rug. I just can't deal with that. I gave up because she didn't even care that she had peed. So back in sposies she went.
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Re: My 3 1/2 yo REFUSES to use the potty!!

What worked for us was just putting on the panties and me preparing for a long few days of mopping up pee. I did it not because I was ready for her to pl but because she had a rash that wouldn't go away and I knew air would heal it. I figured we might as well have a go at the potty while we were airing out, even though I didn't think dd was really ready.

On day 1 I did mop up quite a bit of pee. But every time I mopped and changed her, I explained that we are going to the potty now so she should tell mommy or go sit on the potty when she had to pee. I put the potty in the living room so she didn't have to go far, and spread a towel underneath it. I didn't punish for accidents- I believe the accidents are important learning opportunities, and they need to feel the result of an accident in order to really understand the goal.

We stayed home for three days in a row so I could focus and support dd as she learned. By the end of day 1 I was pretty frustrated and wondering if she was ready. Day 2, no accidents, dd peed and pooped in the potty all day. Since then (nearly two weeks) she's 100% pl'ed all day and in a diaper at night.

I think readiness is important. If your lo's struggle is an issue of readiness, I would wait, as hard as that is. If it's an issue of stubbornness, I would strip from the waist down, roll up the rugs, provide some incentives, and be ready with the mop.
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Re: My 3 1/2 yo REFUSES to use the potty!! UPDATED!!

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Re: My 3 1/2 yo REFUSES to use the potty!! UPDATED!!

Originally Posted by Ruiz'sPieces View Post

8/23- We have been doing the "naked" method and has worked REALLY well. she goes every time even poop! i am so happy! we are going to try this for a few more days then try panties!!! thanks for all the help!!!
That's so great!!!
Hope you don't have to buy those stupid pull-ups anymore!
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