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Question Moms who work out of the house...

and have been doing so since your babies were little, I don't know how you do it! I just went back this week and my son is two. I'm falling asleep sitting up while typing. I'm almost falling asleep in the car on the way to pick up or take home DS. I'm completely wiped out!

Besides just getting up early enough to get myself ready, and get him ready and out the door in time to drop him off and still get myself to school on time, I then have to make it through the day with my room full of first graders (don't get me wrong, I love them!) with enough energy left to enjoy my DS when I pick him up at the end of the day. I was ready for bed by 10:30 this morning!

And as I'm writing this, I jerk awake, realizing that I had fallen asleep mid post! Argh! It's off to bed I go.

Is this something you adjust to? Or am I just doomed to be exhusted?



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Re: Moms who work out of the house...

You will get used to it, but it does take some time to adjust. I have been back to work for a month after having 2 1/2 months off due to a move, and I'm just now getting comfortable in my routine again. Don't try to be super mom/wife/housekeeper for the first couple weeks, just focus on the most important things at first. Regular exercise will also help your energy level, even if it is just a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood every day. It will get easier, I promise!
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Re: Moms who work out of the house...

I agree with the pp. It will take time to adjust and coffee will become your friend. Believe it or not 3 years ago the smell of coffee would make me want to vomit, now I drink 1-2 cups a day! Make sure your diet has some protein to give you energy. I have a 50 minute drive to get to work and there have been times where I pull off the highway and get out of the car to stretch or walk around. Before kids, I wrecked twice falling asleep at the wheel. That is something I never want to do again! You also won't be able to be "Super Mom". There will always be laundry, dishes, and stuff you want to get done. Just prioritize. Hang in there!
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Re: Moms who work out of the house...

I gave up... and even though it wasnt really financially possible, I decided to stay at home. We are on a very tight budget now, but I found it impossible working 50 hours a week and then coming home and doing everything. It was almost do-able with one kid, but with two-forget it. I was in really bad shape trying to handle it all. Its like (for me anyways) no matter if I have a job and work more than DH, I still had to cook, clean, watch babies ect. Good luck with your situation, I think you will be fine with just 1 kid
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Re: Moms who work out of the house...

Good luck! It is so hard some days. Heck, I've gone to bed early, left the dishes in the sink for the next day and just gotten some extra rest. Don't worry, your DS already thinks you're a super mom!
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Re: Moms who work out of the house...

I stayed home for years with the kids, and I'm now taking them to work with me. I swear to god, the first few wks, I was going to bed at like six thirty at night. I thought I wouldn't be able to pull it off. I was utterly wiped out.
Now I'm fine again. Staying up late and everything.
You will adjust.
Mama to Ariah 16, Phineas 14, Lucia 9, Ezra 5, And baby twins Rowan and Freya. (Good God that's a lot of kids)
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Re: Moms who work out of the house...

It is VERY hard, but you will adjust to it in time. For me, I don't have a choice of whether or not to work, so it's something I HAVE to do, so I just "suck it up and try not to complain". Please don't take that the wrong way, because I'm not saying that to you, it's just the attitude that has helped me the most. If I complain about it then I find myself dreading it more and things get more difficult. I try to keep a positive attitude and remember that things ALWAYS could be worse.
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Re: Moms who work out of the house...

For me, the fatigue is the worst part of working outside the home. I work PT, and I love my work, and TBH, the break from the kids is good for all of us. But, I am chronically exhausted. DS2 is up really early in the morning. Both my boys are high needs, and I have a terrible time getting DS1 out the door in the morning. He's agreeable enough, he's just a bit of a "space cadet." Needs tons of reminders, physical prompts etc for each step along the way. Needless to say, I regularly arrive at work exhausted.

I've given up on keeping up with the housework. DH (who needs much less sleep than I do) helps out quite a bit. With his help, the house just barely maintains a steady state of minimal cleanliness. My main chore in the evening is preparing supper for the next day (or at least figuring out what we're going to have). It's much easier for me to do that after the kids are in bed in the evening than it is right after work.

I go to bed ricidulously early most nights. I often take the phone off the hook so I'm sure I won't be disturbed by it.

It's hard, but it's worth it for me. I enjoy the work I do, and we all enjoy being a little more comfortable financially. And, yes, it is definitely easier now than it was when I first went back to work.
DS1 (12/02), DS2 (03/05)
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Re: Moms who work out of the house...

I wouldnt want to be away from dd 40 hrs per week, so i dont work FT, i work PT..but tyo be honest.. I LOVE "job" is 1000% EASIER than dealing with dd.

Whe i got to work, dh stays at home with dd.
I generally come home to a cleanish house, dinner, and you know what? I have NOT been yelled at, hit, kicked or assaulted by dd, i have not cleaned up poop or garbage or food or toys all day long, i have not been flung from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other...

I think it would be a lot harder if i had to work FT, or if dd were a baby, or if dh weren't wonderful, or a...blah, blah.....

But..we don't have any schedule to keep ither..i set my own work schedule except 1 day per week i am required to go in at 830am. That day sucks. The rest of the time..i can sleep in, take naps provided dd will sleep too, etc.

This is one of the things that really scares me about having a second one......having 2 kids that must be sleeping before i can sleep....
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