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Re: To vaccinate or not?? great articles over dangers of non vaccinations!!

Originally Posted by ClothDiaperMePlease View Post
My #1DS got the measles at 7 months old b/c my nephew received the vax. prior to coming to the beach with our family. He got the shot, broke out with measles, went to the doctor, and they told my sister that it was just heat rash with a teething fever. So she brought him to the beach 4 days later and within a week my infant caught it.

Neither case was reported to the CDC.

My DS#2 caught the CPs from the kids I babysat when they got vaxed. He was 9 months old at the time. We went to visit my ILs, who have both been exposed to CPs, and they both caught them.

From what I have seen first hand, the vaxs caused the issues, not the fact that my children weren't and aren't vaxed.

Having natural CPs and other childhood illness around keeps the adult population immune. Shots only help if the adults keep up with theirs too.
A little boy at our chuch got his Chicken Pox vaccine and about 10 days later what his Dad though was a bad diaper rash was actually chicken pox. He dropped him off at the church nursery before sunday school & picked him up after church ( 2hrs) By the time they realized he was breaking out and got the parents back to the nursery he played with 20 other 0-2yr olds. 10 got chicken pox. His ped feely admitted his break was the result of the vaccine ( because that happens) I know that was never reported to vaers because his mom had no idea she was supposed to.

I have had 1 cousin get measles just after the the vaccine and a 6 month old cousin get whooping cough just after his 3 dose. The ER doc diagnosed it as broncitis but my aunt told him what it was ( he had never heard or seen it OR was just diagnosing it wrong) She made him call someone in to listen to his cough.

We also have serveral people in our family that will not hold a measles titer even after having measles AND the vaccine.

We dealy vaccines here


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Re: To vaccinate or not?? great articles over dangers of non vaccinations!!

Originally Posted by Kanga View Post
Maybe, just maybe, the vaccines are to blame for all of this. After all the diseases were on a decline well BEFORE they were ever invented. Maybe if they never were invented people would catch the diseases afterall, gain lifelong immunity and never get it again. Rather than get vaccinated as an infant, lose immunity by the time they're young adults, living in cramped college dorms or small houses with many room mates where disease of any kind is spread more easily and the complications of those childhood diseases are worse. Maybe, if people would vaccinate less these childhood diseases would be easier to catch while they are in their childhood. Instead it's harder and harder to find because so many people vaccinate against normal childhood diseases (ask your grandmother if everybody thought measles or mumps was a big deal). So now instead of getting these diseases in childhood when it's less severe and the risk is less, they are going into adulthood with no or limited immunity because (general) you vaccinate. So maybe it's your child is putting mine at risk.

Well put...just're on to something here...

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Re: To vaccinate or not?? great articles over dangers of non vaccinations!!

Herd immunity is a myth. If it worked as well as health officials say it does on the record, there wouldn't BE any outbreaks, because most of the population is vaxxed. I would rather have my child get acquired immunity from getting a disease and overcoming it (like measles, mumps, or chicken pox, normal childhood diseases that strengthen the immune system in preparation for adulthood) or transferred immunity through breastmilk, than the "herd immunity" which may or may not protect her at all.

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