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Another bad mommy moment

It's amazing that my DD has survived as long as she has. Like this evening, I changed her diaper. Then she sat up on the changing table while I put her pajama shirt on, and she spun herself around to face the other direction and look at the "pretties" on the wall (I just put up her bow holder and attached her bows to it today). Somehow, I guess she mist have gotten her foot under the rail of the changing table and I didn't notice. After I got her shirt on, I went to pick her up, and there was a BIG resistance around her leg/foot area. OH was she ever MAD at me and hurting so much, poor baby. I felt so bad. It's "only" going to be a bruise, but it's going to be a HUGE bruise. I could already see it starting to form just minutes later.

Mind you, this is less than a month after I "let" her accidentally fall onto the brick corner of my sister's fireplace. DD landed there right on her cheek, and THAT left a bruise so deep that DD now has a scar on her cheek, even though there was never any broken skin. It's light, but noticeable even when I don't point it out to people.


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Re: Another bad mommy moment

It happens to the best of us momma. Definitely not a bad mommy.
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Re: Another bad mommy moment

We all have those days . You're not neglectful, and you care - she'll be okay .
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Re: Another bad mommy moment

We've all been there. you are a good momma, a bad momma wouldn't care. You care obviously lots and lots, try icing it to prevent swelling and bruising.
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Re: Another bad mommy moment

Awww, Andrea It was an accident. If I had a nickel for every bruise my kids had that I MIGHT have been able to prevent, I wouldn't have to go to work today
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Re: Another bad mommy moment

You are so not a bad mama!!!!!!
As a matter of fact you always have good insight/advice!!!

It's just hard for us to see our LO's hurt!
If it is any consolation, my DS #1 [21 months] got stuck in our end table. It's the kind that is a magazine rack underneath. Somehow he was able to crawl INTO it!!!! We almost had to take it a part to get him out!!!
I felt so bad!! He was crying hysterically!
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Re: Another bad mommy moment

It happens! My girls are always getting bumped and bruised. I feel terrible too.
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Re: Another bad mommy moment

Yeah, the other day I was stuffing pockets on my bed and DS was sitting right in front of me, He went to grab the remote from my bedside "table" and rolled right off the bed. Talk about mother of the year!
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Re: Another bad mommy moment

mama, it happens. Don't beat yourself up. Just give extra kisses today. I bet she has already forgotten about it.
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