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Weaning questions

My son is going to be 11 months old in a couple of weeks and I'm going to start the weaning process. I want to do it S-L-O-W-L-Y for him and me. I have a few questions though. Will it make it harder if I let him sit in my lap while he drinks his milk from the sippy? Also, how MUCH milk should I give him? He nurses about 5 times a day right now. He's been eating solids for about 6 months. Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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Re: Weaning questions

I've never weaned like that. But I think it may be more difficult if he's sitting in your lap with the sippy. But you could try it. If that doesn't work just let him have the sippy or someone else hold him, and snuggle him plenty in between. He may be a little confused, but he'll adjust. Kids are cool like that.

I'd cut out one nursing session at a time, maybe a week at a time. Give him however much milk he wants. Start with a small amount, but if he wants more give it to him. If it becomes an excessive amount offer him water. In fact be sure water is available all day long. So he can drink that if he's just feeling thirsty.

If he really pushes to nurse during the session you are cutting out, find a way to distract him if you can. Find a cool toy or game to play, go outside, make a trip to the grocery store, etc. My kids would go all day without nursing when we were really busy outside of the house.
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Re: Weaning questions

you shouldn't give him any milk until he's past his first birthday, but you could start doing BM in the sippy in the mean time. And every kid is different... you can try letting him sit in your lap with the sippy, and if that doesn't work just (like PP said) snuggle a lot in between.

I weaned around the same time (actually, a week before her first birthday)- this is what I did; I dropped one feeding at a time slowly, and when she was showing any sign of being hungry I gave her a snack instead, like goldfish or cheerios or banana or whatever, so hunger didn't add to the stress. She hardly noticed the dropped feedings, though. I made sure she was getting water from a sippy (she was also drinking some rice milk at the time, too), and eventually was down to only the AM and PM feeding. Then I dropped the AM, so was only doing the PM feeding, and a few days before her birthday I stopped that one, too. It was like she didn't even notice.

Once he turns one, I believe the amount of milk they recommend is 8-16 oz. But I would recommend not giving it to him other than at meals. If he has a sippy available all day long of milk or juice it could contribute to cavity development. I am very anti juice (to a point my DH makes fun of me because he thinks it's excessive- I consider it a "gateway drug" to soda), but if you do choose to give juice, only do it at the table with meals/snack, also. But have a sippy of water available all day.

I'll get off my soap box, now

Good luck!
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