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Re: Whats bedtime like for your around 1 year old?

She gets up around 7 am for the day. When she is home on the weekends, she only takes about a 45 minute nap around 11 am . I can't get her to sleep more than that. She does a little better at daycare, like around 1.5 hours at the most.

She just hates sleep!

Originally Posted by lutgen View Post
what time does she get up in the morning?
What is her nap schedule like?

I hate to say it - but you may not get that playtime in right now. I worked outside of the home full time until my 1st was 3 and my 2nd was 1 -- I understand wanting to keep them up AND I understand they want mommy time.... but you may need to not get that for a little while.


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Re: Whats bedtime like for your around 1 year old?

Bedtime with my DS was like that too. We started a sleep routine and it still takes a while but there's rarely any screaming or crying. After the bath focus on the next step, like reading a couple of books with the lights dimmed. Then sing a couple of songs and lay down snuggling. It took a couple of weeks but it did work eventually. Right now she's probably associating the bath with the not so fun routine of things that has been coming afterward. Keep it calm, quiet and enjoyable so she'd rather read or sing songs than kick and fight. Can you do the bath at a different time for a while to maybe break that cycle? For DS anything that isn't actually going to sleep is better than sleep, so he'll happily brush his teeth, read, snuggle, whatever. Good luck, life really is much better once you get the nightime stuff worked out.
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Re: Whats bedtime like for your around 1 year old?

Here's our routine, my DS is 16 monts now but its been the same for a lllooooonnngggg time!
We (mostly he) eats dinner at around 6. Then he'll run around for a few minutes while I get things together for a bath, I lay out the night time diaper, the jammies and his lovey on the bed.
Then we take a bath together at 6:45 ish and play in there for a while. We're out by 7:15 and go straight into the jams and diaper.
He'll comfort nurse at that point and he's usually down for the night, in his crib in his room at 7:30 ish. No crying. I just tell him my special thing I say to him, lay him in his crib with a lovey and his blanket and tell him if he needs anything, mommy and daddy are right there.
Usually I'll hear him talking in his crib for a little while or something, but he doesn't fuss usually.
He's just started sleeping through the night so he'll wake and fuss once but not get up, if that makes sense. He usually wakes at about 6 or 7 am.

Riley will also take at least one nap a day.

He does this because I won't have it any other way and this is how it has always been. I'm not sure what I did to get him like this or if I was just lucky! We just go to bed at night and take naps. End of story.
Have you been pretty consistent about bedtime and naps with your daughter??
I wish I had some really great advice for you. Have you read any books on it like the no cry sleep solution or talked to your Ped?
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