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help- i have a biter

ds has started biting while nursing and nothing is working to get him to stop. he will nurse awhile (after signing to me that he's hungry) and then bite. I will take him off and say "no biting" sternly. I will let him try again and he bites again right away. So i tell him "all done" and he gets upset because he's still hungry. i don't let him nurse again for awhile. I know he's teething, but it kills when he bites. i need new ideas because he just doesn't get that it's a no-no and that it hurts mommy (he's 11 mo btw)


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Re: help- i have a biter

When my kids bit me, I smushed their faces on my boob. It took a couple of times but they learned not to bite and never bit again.
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Re: help- i have a biter

I am sorry mama, I don't have advice, but wanted to offer some hugs. My ds is almost 12 months and doesn't bite, he used to and then stopped. I hope some others here will have some advice for you.
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Re: help- i have a biter

all my lo's have bit a some point, we tried pulling baby in to breast as they startle and let go, as well as finger on side of their mouth to break latch.
as far as preventing biting, dunno, we just hoped no,repetition or pulling off lo, from breast they stopped.
hugs mama,,hope your lo does not keep biting, and it was a phase that ends quickly.
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Re: help- i have a biter

My LO is 8 months and started biting, after three or four times of taking her off of the breast and putting a binki in her mouth (which she hates) she quit biting.
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Re: help- i have a biter

Mine is going through this right now. He is napping but bit twice when I tried to nurse him beforehand. Did the usual no biting sternly and then the second time he bit and laughed and I said okay nap time and put him to bed. He went right to sleep so maybe he wasn't hungry just wanted to "play".

No advice but I will be keeping an eye on this thread to get some advice of my own. Besides being on a day strike he has been doing this for several days and it seems to be escalating.
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Re: help- i have a biter

Okay, this is going to seem harsh, and some mammas are probably gonna get mad at me... I flicked my daughter on the cheek when she bit me. The first time I did it was more of just a natural reaction to something that hurt, but it worked, so I kept it up... She only bit a few times and then figured out it wasn't much fun! Also, if your baby is biting towards the end of the feeding, it may be a sign that he's done, so you could just be done breastfeeding when his sucking starts slowing down and you know he's about finished.
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Re: help- i have a biter

If you are sure he's teething and possibly using you as a teether, give him something to chew on get that need out of his system. I give those ice pops to my dd, she can chew on them and by the time they defrost, she's done. Pop it back in the freezer after you rinse it and use it again. She doesn't actually eat it.

Other suggestions include using cold carrots or teethers. Whatever he'll take to chew on. But that overwhelming need to chew is going to win out.

I'd try that a few times and see what happens. For me, I literally roar when dd bites me. She stops, she cries and then she hops right back on and biting. I know we'll get a flood of people telling us that this will cause a nursing strike, but my dd is a total b00b-girl and I don't think she's ever going to stop. LOL We're at 13 months now, 4 teeth on top, 4 on bottom and sometimes her latch is wonky and they HURT. Luckily, me telling her "No biting mommy" gets her to let up a little.

It may take a few different tries before you find what works. But try more than once or twice. It may take a few nursing sessions before he "gets it".
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