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Re: What have people said to you?

My mom says to me ALL the time "when are you gonna stop doing that"
I am like "What? feeding him?"
She shuts up.


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Re: What have people said to you?

So far I have heard:
BM is no good after a year.
are you going to nurse her untill she goes to school?
WHY haven't you weaned her?

one time at applebees, DD was 4months the waitess asked in frount of all my unmarried/ no kids male friends " what that on your nipple?" i had to use a nipple shield for a while and i quess she seen me put it on while trying to quitly latch DD. I turned red and had to exsplain it to her b/c she was not getting the clue that i was embarred infrount of my male friends. good thing there all cool guys.
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Re: What have people said to you?

I have heard BM is no good after 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. LOL I wish someone would just tell everyone which age it's "no good" at, and get them all on the same page LOL

I have heard (yesterday in fact) the baby's teeth won't come in right if we don't start him soon (this month/next month) on solids... because the spoon helps with that (WHAT?!??!)

I have heard I need to switch to formula so that I can have a break, as surely my body is tired after BF for 3 months... (um no? *confused*)

I have heard I put my son at more risk for allergies if I do not begin introduction of solids at 6 months, and I have heard I am at more risk if I wait to 1 year. (Which is it folks??) -- both were celiac societies... yet the WHO says it's plenty fine to wait to 2 years. ummmmmmm ok??

I get told he's underweight and possibly FTT -- we'll have to start carrots and potatoes in addition to BM "soon" -- yet with weighing before and after feedings and logging all wet and dirty diapers, the pedi says "he's getting plenty! Why isn't he gaining then??" -- Well lemme think, if you'd listened to me.. you'd know he's so active he's literally burning off everything he intakes.. and he's built like me, so yeah he's going to be loads smaller than DH was when he was coming to your practice 27 years ago. :P

I have been asked "so, how long are you planning to do this?" and "does it hurt" -- which are honest questions I am happy to answer any time. The funniest I got was from a friend asking about breast size change, and if they ("the sisters") got loads bigger. I told her in the first two months they were huge, but once the milk supply got managed and I was offloading all additional milk with the pump -- and production evened out I'm in the same bra size I was pre and during pregnancy (DD in US/E in Europe). They get kinda big if I have gone a while without feeding him, but back down to smaller than the cup size when empty.

I've also been asked or told not to be ashamed to BF, just take it out and get him going (I just cannot do that.. modesty issues for me...), or when I have gone to BF, "Just give him formula! it's so much easier".

No, BFing is so much easier. I do not have to fiddle with a bottle that is hard for me to open, fiddle with the formula in exact measurements (no more, no less) and try to not spill it everywhere while getting it into the bottle... I don't have to worry if the Dishwasher cleaned the bottles accurately, and if I did or did not indeed steam the bottles before putting them up. (LOL)

Some folks here are appalled I am going to BF past 3months (He's 4 months), and some are appalled they heard I want to BF past 6.

I've heard the funkiest comments back home -- like women who EBF past a certain point are doing it because of the pleasure it elicits (the uterine contractions & stimulation of the breast)... or because they have unhealthy attachment issues with their babies. O_o

I'm sure I'll hear it in person when I make it over there and am still BFing our little guy.

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