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Need a padded nursing bra

Okay ladies, we're due here in two weeks and I've been really slacking about the nursing bra thing. LOL With my boobs, I always have to have a padded/thicker bra otherwise my nips protrude and you can totally tell, cold or not. I prefer underwire because it gives me more support. Prepregnancy I was a 34C, but am now wearing a 34-36D. I would really like to go back to my C, but I'm not anticipating it. I'm no bra snob and usually just get your cheapo one from WalMart or Target or wherever I can find one that fits. (I think the last one was JCPenny's.) However, I looked at a WalMart here and the nursing bras all seemed pretty thin. I know that I'll be using breast pads, but my sister says to make sure that I find one that can go without because she's learned to not need them (knows letdown, how to prevent it, etc, etc). I'd rather not spend more than $25 on it. In fact, the $15-$20 range is more where I'm looking.

Any suggestions or ideas?


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Re: Need a padded nursing bra

I got a padded one from Target. It was around $17 or so.
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Re: Need a padded nursing bra

You'll probably want to avoid the padded cup and underwire for all-day use in the early days...the first few weeks of breastfeeding, there is a LOT of changing in breast size -- you can fluctuate by a full cup size throughout the course of a day -- and you need to give the girls room to expand as needed or you can have problems with plugged ducts and mastitis (breast infection). PLUS, you don't want to buy a bunch of bras now and have them end up being too big or too small once your cup size "settles down" post-engorgement phase.

Some "sports style" nursing bras are great for the early days - maybe a Bravado or Yes! bra -- and then once your cup size is finalized, probably around 8 weeks or so, you could buy a couple padded ones for when you're out and about.

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Re: Need a padded nursing bra

ITA agree with Bethany. And actually underwire can cause mastisis. So I would avoid underwire for the first few weeks/months.
I had 2 nursing bras that were padded and I could not use them when my milk came in. The padding is too bulky to fold down to give baby plenty of room to nurse.
When Im not nursing Im very much a underwire/padded kinda bra girl LOL
IMO I didnt find underwire/padding comfy to nurse in.
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Re: Need a padded nursing bra

I was always a padded + underwire girl, too, for the same reasons you have! I found that since nursing, my nipples have gotten softer and don't stick out under a light weight bra like they used to (at least as long as I don't have a hungry baby rooting around for them - LOL). The heavily padded nursing bras are really akward to get folded back so he can nurse - I ended up basically never using the ones that I had.

I tried to stay away from underwire because of the above mentioned mastitis issues, plus the LC who taught my breastfeeding class said that wearing an underwire bra can damage up to half of your milk glands by over compressing them, so even if you don't get mastitis, you will have decreased milk making potential because of this damage. I still think I'd prefer underwire if I weren't nursing, but there is something to be said for how comfortable the softcup bras are - I sleep in my nursing bras, and can't imagine doing that with underwire (nor can I imagine having to plan ahead enough to have a bra clean to change into at night, lol). And I've noticed that the softcup nursing bras are MUCH more supportive than softcup non-nursing bras.

PS - I found my favorite nursing bras at Motherhood Maternity and at Sears. Target's looked kind of cheap and flimsy. I couldn't even find any at Walmart. My fav, (still actually, but esp with a new baby) is a Medela brand one, it's seamless microfiber, kind of built like a sports bra. I used to hate sports bras, but this one is so comfortable I can even wear it if I am engorged, and it supports (and you don't loose your breast pads) even if you forget to fasten a shoulder - which I do all the time.

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Re: Need a padded nursing bra

My favorite nursing Bra's came from Target. They looked very thin and flimsy but I lived in them so comfort was key! lol I used breast pads regardless of when and where I was because someones kid started crying I was doomed lol

Padded ones arent comfy at all, I had a underwire one and it caused me so much pain the one time I wore it.
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Re: Need a padded nursing bra

One of the DS mothers sells these and swears by them. I'm planning to buy one or two soon. Sexy, lined, and functional, apparently!
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Re: Need a padded nursing bra

You might try
I just went to the store the other day to look. It might be above your price range. But I'd rather have one good bra than three that just don't work.
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Re: Need a padded nursing bra

My fave I got at Walmart for $12
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