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Re: How do you stop a biter?!!??

My dd was a biter and I tried EVERYTHING (including the apple cider vinegar) and NOTHING worked. I was working then and she got kicked out of 4 daycares within 3 months, that's when I became a full time SAHM. The doctor keep insisting that she would outgrow it and to not make a huge fuss over it as that was probably what she liked. It started when she was 15 months old and the summer before she turned 3 was the last biting incident. I said this time if Lilly is a biter I am buying a bunch of tees that say "I bite" just for warning to other parents. Good Luck mama, I hope you find something that works.


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Re: How do you stop a biter?!!??

Miranda has been doing it off and on since she was 10 months old. One warning then she gets a time out.It did stop it, it catches back up, but now she really only bites if she gets excited. lol (yeah she's kinda like a dog. lol)

She does bite dave when he wears a certian sweater, but he knows better and wears it anyway. lol and she's really into Biting my butt lately. yeah i know, it sounds really weird, but she chases me around the house trying to bite my butt. lol She's playing though, and you know that she is because she just "play bites" she doesn't hurt you at all. now when she used to bite when she was angry or bites dave's sweater, she bites HARD.

my mom suggested I smack her in the mouth.. other parents suggested I "bite her back" which IMO I really don't think anyone is going to bite thier child hard enough to cause any real pain, and if they do, they aren't showing thier kids it hurts, don't do it, if anything it's just showing them it's okay.. I bite you, you bite me. which is not the message I wanna send.

I love that story by wraphappy. I could totally see that working. I might have to try that one next time around.

I wish you luck with this one.. Know that it will stop eventually, I just hope Eventually comes before you loose your mind or someone gets really hurt. It's very possible she could be teething too.. (2 year molars)
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Re: How do you stop a biter?!!??

DS1 was a biter. We found that treating the behaviour just like any other unacceptable behaviour was really important to getting it to stop. How would you deal with your daughter if she was a screamer? Or if she hit other kids? Or if she stole other kids toys all the time? Or if she insisted on dumping the flour out of the canisters every time you bake? Answering those questions might give you some idea how to deal with the biting. Making a big deal out of the biting seems to make it more fun for kids.

Have the daycare workers given you any suggestions? My friend's daughter bit kids at daycare (DS1 only bit us) and the staff were really helpful in dealing with the behaviour. They limited her day because the biting tended to happen at times of transition. So, my friend dropped her off at 9:15 after most of the other kids were already settled and picked her up at 3:45 before the other kids were picked up. Preventing the behaviour was much more effective than dealing with it after it happened.
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Re: How do you stop a biter?!!??

Lots of good suggestions. I find with my son and day care kids it's always frustration- fighting over toys, someone won't move, somebody's tired/hungry, etc. For me Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is a blessing! It's healthy, but the kids HATE it. It has worked for biting, spitting, saying shut up, and defiant NOs. With my own ds I've had to increase it to a full teaspoon since a drop doesn't work. After the ACV we talk (at their level), then there's "sorry", hugs, and forgiveness- and get a drink so the ACV doesn't harm the teeth.
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Re: How do you stop a biter?!!??

I noticed that my dd started biting when she began teething and it stopped until a few days ago when she began teething again (she's almost a year old now) Her biting seems to start back up when she is getting a new tooth.
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