View Poll Results: What do you do for a picky eater?
Doesn't happen. My kid(s) eat everything. 9 13.64%
They eat what we eat, every night. 15 22.73%
I serve something I know they will eat, along with the regular meal. 28 42.42%
I make them a whole other meal I know they will eat. 4 6.06%
Depends... I'll explain. 10 15.15%
Voters: 66. You may not vote on this poll

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Re: A Picky Eater Poll

I cook a better meal for DS than we get. However, i try to make sure that it kind of looks like ours. He only gets very healthy food and we can't afford to eat that way. Oh, and he is NOT picky. The ONLY thing he will not eat is lettuce.


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Re: A Picky Eater Poll

My DS2 is our picky eater. My DS1 and DD will eat pretty much anything. I try to make sure that I serve at least one thing that I know he eats but even then, he doesn't always eat it. I definitely don't have time to fix an extra meal for him and I expect him to learn to eat what everyone else eats. I try not fix stuff that I know he *won't* eat (super spicy, a big mix of different flavors, foods I know he doesn't like) so that I know I'm not asking too much of him. Our meals are pretty simple most of the time and if he chooses not to eat what's served, he doesn't get any snacks later.

I found that being more strict with him, especially about what he snacks on during the day and not allowing him to snack after dinnertime if he doesn't eat dinner, made some big improvements in his eating dinner.
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Re: A Picky Eater Poll

DD eats everything. I started exposing her to flavorful things from the start. She was eating lebonese, japanese, indian, mexican and everything. Kids in japan like sushi, why can't mine? Kids in mexico like tamales, why can't mine?

I have a 2 bites rule for any child I watch. The first bite might be shocking, so the second bite you know a little more what you're in for and can judge better.

If there is something I find that she doesn't like, I try to prepare it different ways. When I was a kid I hated veggies. But when I grew up I realized my mom only prepared veggies 2 ways 1) raw or 2) canned cooked with butter (we never even had salt on the table). For example - I hated green beens but when I went to my aunt's house she served green bean casserole, put them in pot pie, balsamic vinegar and such. I dicovered I liked them and now can appreciate canned green beans with butter.

For those who make a whole different meal- My mom did that for my brother. My brother is now 20 and still living at home and my mom STILL makes him a separate meal. She makes meatloaf and potatos, pasta and veggies and then she'll make my brother corn dogs and french fries. HE'S 20!

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Re: A Picky Eater Poll

I have VERY picky eaters. Drives me batty!

Unless it's something totally off the wall that we're having, the rule is they have to have as many bites as they are old. We also have salad and bread with most meals, which they both like, so that helps fill their tummy.

But if we're having something I know they don't like, for example, enchilladas, then I will make a variation of the meal. Usually a tortilla with melted cheese inside, and they will eat that.
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Re: A Picky Eater Poll

DS gets what we are having for dinner plus fruit. Even if he doesn't eat dinner, he will usually at least eat the fruit, and it doesn't take time like making a separate meal would.
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Re: A Picky Eater Poll

Paige will eat darn near anything. There are some parts of a meal I know she won't eat (corn), but she'll eat the rest. If she ever refuses to eat what I've made, I'll make her something else only after she tries a bite and confirms she doesn't like it. She'll eat something one day and 2 hours later claim she doesn't like it. I usually just cook what I know she'll eat. Dh is pickier than dd As long as I keep veggies out of caseroles, I'm usually good!
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Re: A Picky Eater Poll

DD is not that picky. She suprises me with what she will eat. Most times I don't have to make anything seperate. If she doesn't eat what we have it is veggies with our sides. If all else fails, she will eat frozen green beans (go figure!) I totally don't mind getting those out because I don't have to cook them. If she is in one of her moods where she starts throwing food, she doesn't eat.
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Re: A Picky Eater Poll

My dd used to be the best eater, she is only 13 months old... now...forget it, she will eat blueberries, strawberries, peas, yogurt, cheese, crackers, and veggie booty... That is about it, once in a while I can get a scrambled egg down her..
Will not eat meat.... It drives me crazy!!! I get tired of stains on everything even though she wears a bib because she spits it out...
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