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How do you engage your kids?

I am feeling like I'm letting my kids down. I am with them the majority of the day, everyday. I do work, but they come to work with me until DH gets off at 12:30 then he picks them up and I get home around 5pm.

My oldest (5yrs old) constantly needs an audience. She talks non stop, and I think I have just kinda learned to tune her out. I hate doing it, because I really do enjoy her imagination, but it's just too much these days. My youngest is almost 3yrs old and is just now beginning to ramble on and on like her sister. I know in a matter of a month or 2 they will both be in my ears constantly. My YDD can be content playing in the play room and frequently showing me things, while my 5yr old seems to be mommy, watch this, do that, I'm (enter character of the day).......

While I feel like I engage them ok, I get the feeling that they are disappointed in my responses some of the time. My oldest wanted me to play today and I just didn't want to . I know dishes and vacuuming can wait, but sometimes so can she.

I'm going to say in general, I spend 75% of my wake time with my girls (including necessities, and play time), then 20% at work, and 5% on the house, DH and me.

How does it work in your house?



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Re: How do you engage your kids?

I don't know how it works aside from not always very well. Sometimes I have to think really hard to get excited and whatnot when one of my kids comes to tell or show me something.
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Re: How do you engage your kids?

I think "Mommy look at this" is the most used sentence in my house. You know what I love to play with my kids and we do play lots and lots, but sometimes I really need some adult interaction, and since DH is at work, I get it on here. I usually tell them that they need to give me 15 minutes to my self, and then i will come back and play with the gladly, I just need a break sometimes, and that is ok too.
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Re: How do you engage your kids?

I have a 5 minute rule. I will give 5 minutes of undivided attention immediately, then excuse myself to do what needs to be done.

It seems to work out pretty well. 5 minutes is something I can be patient with, because it's only 5 minutes. And giving the attention ASAP means that the whine and constant need for my attention is eased. But at the same time, it rarely takes 5 minutes. Usually it's a quick show and tell or odd factoid. But I can give 5 minutes cheerfully, and then state my boundaries "I'd love to talk with you more about this, but I need to do the laundry first. I'll come back after I'm done, though, and we can play/talk some more." And when I'm in the middle of the laundry, interrruptions are met with "Please wait until I am done."

It's a little give and take, but it tends to help me keep my sanity!
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