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Unhappy Help Potty training feel futile!!!

My almost three year old (turns 3 Nov 12th) is absolutly refusing to potty train. She will occasionally pee on the potty before bathtime ,bedtime or upon first waking up. She can stay dry for hours, she stays dry through the night ,She knows the words she calls them peepee and stinky,she will tell me she needs to potty but then she just sits there for a while and want to get up she begs for her diaper and as soon as it is on she pees or poops in it?

I have tried all kinds of rewards ,I tried the run around naked thing but she cried and begged for her diaper,I have tried dolls that pee with their own potties , I have tried letting her in the bathroom with me when I go,I have had friends bring their same aged potty trained children and letting her go in the bathroom with them,the church I go to even takes her to potty breaks.

I am Beginning to despair that she will never be potty trained ?


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Re: Help Potty training feel futile!!!

I am Beginning to despair that she will never be potty trained?
you and me both. i am getting so extremely frustrated with jonas. he spent the summer going on his own (naked bum) and waking up dry. when we went out he wore underpants. BUT he would never poop in the pot, so he was going in his underpants. which, if you have ever had to change poopy toddler underpants, you know gets old REAL FAST. so i put him back in diapers. he would still take them off to pee sometimes, but has now regressed back to not using the potty at all and throwing a screaming fit when we have to change him.

im so sick of it i could (and sometimes do) cry.

i try and remind myself that he will get it, to just back off and not get frustrated with him bc that makes it all worse. but i do get angry, and i am frustrated.

sorry im no help. but you're not alone. one day.....
~helen~ mama to 6 yo tornado twins, jonas and micah and my 3 yo wild child, eli
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Re: Help Potty training feel futile!!!

WOW - 3yr old and not trying to go on the potty. My niece is 3 in december and she uses the toilet quite well now.

They all develop at their own rates.
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Re: Help Potty training feel futile!!!

Oh mama... I completely understand where you're coming from... My boys turned 3 in October and I was getting so sick and tired of all of the "Oh, they're not potty trained yet?!" comments. Children do all develop at their own rates and just because some, or even most, children are using the potty by the time they're 3 doesn't mean that there's something wrong with those that aren't.

I'm hoping that what happened at our house gives you hope though... DH and I kind of made it somewhat a "mission" to get the boys to use their potties over the summer since DH was at home full time with them. Well, that did not work at all and like your DD, they absolutely refused to use the potty. Like your DD they would hold it for hours and would ask for a diaper to go in. They were so good at keeping their training pants and/or undies dry, but even though they'd sit on it, they wouldn't use the potty. They would only go in a diaper. It was very frustrating and discouraging. Fast forward to September and one day out of the blue Matthew just decided that he didn't want diapers anymore. From that day on he's only had one accident and is in underwear all day. Just this past weekend William made the same decision and has been accident free since then. They're both still in dipes at night and neither of them is poop trained yet, but I'm sure that will come.

So, don't give up! Keep giving your DD opportunities to sit on the potty and don't make any kind of a deal if she doesn't do anything on it. She will get it! Good luck!
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