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Re: Co-sleepers: when to transition and what kind of bed?

With my DD, she slept in our bed with us full time until she was 13 months old. At that point, we transitioned her to a sidecar crib. She stayed in the sidecar crib until we moved when she was 27 months old. At that point, she went to her own room, her own bed. Each transition was very easy, no problems. She sleeps wonderfully in her own room and has never had a problem with it. Every once in a great while, she will wake up and come to our bed overnight but even that is rare.

With DS, he has always been a in co-sleeper for at least the first part of the night. When he started crawling out of the co-sleeper, I transitioned him to a sidecar crib. I think, if we had the space, I would move him to his own room at this point (15 months old) but only because he sleeps better when in his own room (when my MIL is out of town, he will frequently sleep in the pack 'n play in her room).

It's so hard to say when the right time is without knowing the child. Every child is different. You may find, even as a newborn, he does not sleep well in your room. You just never know. Good luck!


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Re: Co-sleepers: when to transition and what kind of bed?

My youngest who is now 22 1/2 months has been sleeping on his own since he was born and sleeps all throughout the night since 8 weeks. He is one of those he sleeps better on his own in his own room etc.... or he doesnt sleep well at all. My 3 yr old, just got to the point 3 days ago where he is falling asleep on his own. I bought him a twin bed at 18 months because he refused to sleep in his crib and it still didnt fix the problem. I had to lay down with him and pretend I was asleep in order for him to go to bed. He would wake up in the night and eventually make his way into our bed cause he just didnt wanna sleep alone. So for the past year and a half I have been sleeping in a twin bed with him the whole night through.
Now for some reason, I can put him in his bed at 9 and he knocks out on his own, no crying or anything. He even puts himself back to bed if he wakes up. Now me on the other hand, I still crawl in his bed with him in the middle of the night. I feel lonely if I dont, and its easier to share the bed with a 3yr old than my husband cause he steals the sheets off of me, hit me ( not on purpose ), turns lights on, etc... and constantly wakes me up.
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Re: Co-sleepers: when to transition and what kind of bed?

We moved my DS when he was 15 months because the dh had had enough! We put a mattress on DS floor and we took turns sleeping with him for a month or so in his room. It worked fine, but I am a FIRM believer that every child is different!!!! So, don't beat yourself up over it - you will find the perfect solution for you and your family.
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Re: Co-sleepers: when to transition and what kind of bed?

Well, dd is only 2, so we haven't done it yet, but our plan is this...
She is already sleeping in her own bed, sort of...we have a toddler bed pushed up next to our bed(our bed is magically the same height!) and so it forms sort of one big bed, but she knows that little part is "her bed" - it has its own sheets and blankies with Dora onit! She can sleep in "our" bed or "her bed" for now..although she is choosing her own bed more and more these, if she does fall asleep in the middle of dh and i and we want...ahem, to be able to use that space, we just move her over, and if not, we'll usually just let her sleep there...otherwise, if she falls asleep in her own bed, we just leave her there.....

As far as transitions...we hope to have another baby (ASAP, we are TTC) and dd will be 3 when s/he arrives, hopefullly...we will cosleep with that one until s/he is probably 2, and which point the kids, now 2 and 5, will be transitioned TOGETHER into their own they are not "alone" you know? OR, if dd decides she WANTS to sleep in her own troom ahead of schedule, she will certainly be allowed to make that choice.
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Re: Co-sleepers: when to transition and what kind of bed?

we transitioned our dd to a crib for the first time when she was 13 months old, but had some health problems right after so she came back in bed with us until she was 15 months old and the only reason why we took her out was because i was pregnant due in a couple months and wanted her to get used to being in her own bed before the baby got here. If it wasnt for that she would still be in bed just because i liked her next to me. She was already weaned from nursing so that wasnt an issue we had to deal with
We started out just putting her in the crib at nap time. she took to that almost immediately, so just a couple days into that she went in there at night. Her crib was in our room so i think that helped her alot.
and now she is in her own room and adjusted VERY well
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