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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

Oh my word, mine is SOOOOOOO long. It would go on for ages...if anyone could read all the way through without their eyes hurting (lol)

It is on my MySpace page, though. In case anyone is on there and wants to add me.


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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

OMgosh... Katie... that is a beautiful video of your DD Abigails' birth. Made me cry! I've always wanted a water birth... don't think my DH would go for a homebirth unless by some crazy notion God decides to make my L&D's under 10 hours it ain't happening.

I've had all hospital births and I can honestly say I didn't mind any of them except the first clocking in at 36 hours and not knowing what was going on and having a really, really super crappy nursing staff.

I hope with our next pregnancy I can at least have a water birth.
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

my birthstories are long so i won't cut and paste, just give links...

ds: 12/10/03 8.5 hours of labor, homebirth, doc/midwife and doula didn't make it, homebirth nurse caught ds

dd: 09/27/05 3 hours of labor, homebirth, midwife didn't make it, same nurse who caught ds caught dd (though she was supposed to be my doula more than a nurse at this birth, didn't quite turn out that way)
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

I'll post mine of my 2nd birth--my son Luke.

I was due in late November and was sure I would have him a couple of days early--but my due date came and went. By one week over I went to my 41 week OB appt. They checked me and did an u/s and NST and everything was fine. I was 3cm dialated. We set up an induction to be done in 4 days if no baby.

We went to lunch and then went home and all afternoon I had some strong contractions but nothing regular. We decided to BD at around 9pm that night (I had heard that could help bring on labor). About 15 minutes later I started feeling strong contractions every 5 minutes and bloody show. After about an hour I called my dr. to tell him and he told me to wait a bit and then to go to the hospital. So I cleaned up a little, called my friend who was going to watch our other son and then took a shower. At midnight we went to the hospital. I was still 3cm when we got there. We walked around for a little bit and I gripped the rails on the wall during contractions. Finally we went back to the room. I tried to sit in a rocking chair during contractions but it was really painful. I finally got into bed. I ended up getting some IV drugs (which I will never get again!) at around 3am--they made me feel really out of it but I could still feel the pain and couldn't even walk strait to go to the bathroom. They wore off in about 45 min. The contractions kept getting worse and further together. At 5am I didn't think I could do it anymore and didn't know how much longer this would be. I asked for an epidural. I was 5cm. At around 5:30 the dr. came in to give the epi and made me sit up to get it. My water broke. The contractions got terrible at that point and I had to hold onto the nurse during contactions sitting up--while he gave me the epi. When it was over--I laid back down and said I could still feel everything. There was a little part of my hip that was numb but I could feel almost the same as before. The contractions kept coming. About 10 minutes later I told the nurse I felt like I had to push. She checked me and I was 10cm already --she said she would try to find the OB. He thought I would be pushing for a while and so he went to go get some coffee. Well, I started pushing and the baby started coming out right away. He ran back in to catch the baby. Luke was born just after 6am. As he was coming out I (and the dr.) realized what a large baby he was...his head was coming out but there was still a lot of baby up in my rib area! He was 9lbs10oz and 21.5 inches long.
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

I have 3 births I would like to share- I will make them short and sweet since they are!! If you would like more details about my VBACs- just PM me! I love sharing and supporting others in VBAC!!

Bailee, my soon to be 13 year old- was to be born at our local free standing birth center- woke up at 1am with a big pop- water broke and instant hard contractions, got to the bc by around 3:30 and pushed till noon- we had to transfer due to her position and ended up with a cs. 9#6oz

Ehllee my first VBAC turns 4 in March- water broke at home at about 3pm, instant hard contractions- went to the bc and she was born at 4:32pm. 10# 9oz 1.5 hours of labor

Ruebee my sweet little 19mo old 2VBAC- water broke at home around 5:45pm got to the bc at 6pm- little Ruebee was born at 6:15pm. 9# 12oz (we started natural induction 1 week b4 dd- midwife didn't want her larger then Ehllee) 30 min of labor ~~silly thing my gma said to me at the end of my pregnancy- "Don't you just want to have a cs so you don't have to worry about anything happening?" um....NO! wouldn't trade that 30 min labor/birth for a cs!

Our next one will be born at home....maybe sometime in late aug.....
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

Caitlin Elizabeth

Born on Wednesday August 2nd, 2006
Emergency C-Section at 5am
Born at 5:11am
4 Pounds 7 Ounces
17 1/2 Inches

Caitlin was born 6 weeks early at 34 weeks. I had fell after I got outta the tub and was walking up the stairs. (my kitten attacked my leg & scared me...she was wanting to play with the strings of my shirts I was carring) I didnt hit anything I caught myself.
I wasnt hurting to much & didnt want to go in I called my Birthplace & said for a far I would be monitord for 4 hours.(I didnt think noting was wrong so I didnt want to go 4 no reason) But my DH made me go. Which turn out to be a livesaver to me & Caitlin!

After being on the monitors for around 2hours Cailtins heart dropped into the low 60s. It did this 4 times. So they wanted to keep me overnight. When I got into my room & they were hooking me up again Her heartbeat was in the 60s and would go up it was like that for 9mins that we know of. I was put on oxygen,her heartbeat started to go back to normal.They called in a Midwife & a Doctor I was told that if she dropped again they would take her. I sent my husbad out to call my mom. shortly after that the doctors came in and told me that they were gonna take her by emergcy C-Section. My husband came in holding the scrubs and I was whelled out into the operating room. (I was in tears freaking out..I didnt want to give birth this way.)

As I got into the room they gave me my spainal(which hurt more than I expected) Nurse had to shake me cause I stopped breahing. At 5am they started the cutting she was born at 5:11am. (Which is also my birthday LOL) She came out crying so I knew she had to be doing pretty good. She weighted 4pounds 7ounces 17 1/2inces long. They whipped her off and let my DH hold her near me. As they put me back together she went back to the NICU.

In the NICU she was put on oxygen,hooked up to sugar water tube for her feedings & several monitors to watch her oxygen intake heart & breathing. She came off the oxygen around 4hours after birth. The sugar water IV around day 3. but stayed on the monitors till the day she left. She got up to11.9 on janduice so went on a BillyLight. But came off that after 4days. She also went down to 4pounds 0.5ounces in weight.
She was in the NICU for 1weeks & 3days. I stayed there with her the whole time (other than leaving for a hour or so to go home) Our NICU allows parents to stay in the room the babys have diffrent rooms & all rooms have bed for the parents to sleep in.
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Re: Let's share our birth stories!

Copying and pasting from another board...

My beautiful girl was born at home on July 6 at 12:30 am!

Ruby Jean
8 lbs. 10 oz.
19 inches long

Tuesday, July 5, I woke up at 4:20 am to go to the bathroom, and I started having contractions. They were about 7 minutes apart and a minute long. I started timing them, had a light breakfast, took a shower. By 6:00 they were starting to get closer together, about 4-5 minutes apart. I started having a bloody show and lost part of my mucus plug. I was getting excited then! Third pregnancy and it's the first time I ever saw my plug! I knew this was it.

Well, by 7:30 am the contractions were slowing down and by 8:30 am they were gone completely. I called my midwife to let her know what happened. She decided to stay close to home, and said to call when they started getting serious again. So we waited. And waited. We went to my in-laws for something to do. I lost more of my plug around 1:00 pm, but was not having any contracctions. We rented movies and waited some more. My midwife called at about 4:00 pm to check on me. She said she was expecting me to call at around midnight that night. It turns out, oxytocin (which stimulates labor) is at it's lowest at noon and peaks around midnight, which explains why I had NO contractions in the middle of the day. Who knew that stuff had cycles like that?? Never heard that from a doctor... But I digress.

About 6:00 pm, I started having contractions again. They were about 6-7 minutes apart, 45 sec - 1min long. No problem, I could still get through them and watch the movie. They kept getting stronger and closer and by 8:00 I had to really focus to get through. By 9:00, they were 5 min apart, 1min 15sec long and I was really working not to panic. I forgot how much labor hurt!! I called my midwife at 9:30 and she headed right over. As soon as I hung up the phone, they jumped to 3 min apart and the pressure was really bad. I leaned on DH and rocked to get through. I sat on the ball for awhile. It helped at first, but then I had to get up. Standing felt so much better than sitting. My midwife and my MIL arrived at 10:20 and the contractions were now 2 minutes apart with not much time in between. I just focused on my breathing and staying calm. I did not want to lose control like last time!! Things started to get really intense about 11:15. I tried to lay down but I could not focus, it hurt so much worse that way. My water broke when I was trying to get back up. By 11:30, the pressure was enormous and I was begging to push. I blew through a few pushy contractions, then sat on the birthing chair and pushed a little. That felt so much better!! I started pushing seriously at about 11:50. It took a long time to get her down. I was getting 3 good pushes out of each contraction. Sometime shortly after midnight (time got a little fuzzy here) I could feel that she was almost ready to crown, but when my contraction ended, and I stopped pushing, I could feel her slide back up. That was so frustrating!! Down, and back up over and over. Finally, she crowned! Oh lovely ring of fire!! I got to reach down and touch her head while I waited for the next contraction. It took all 3 pushes on the next one to get her head out then I had to wait for the next one after that to push her body out. She was all wrapped up in her cord, but it wasn't around her neck, Thank GOD!! The midwife handed her up to me and it was the most beautiful moment. I was so exhausted and so in love. No one even checked whether it was a boy or girl for about 5 minutes! I was just too busy falling in love with my baby. My MIL cut the cord after it stopped pulsating, and I delivered the placenta after about 15 minutes with no problems.

After about 30 min of recovery time, I got to soak in an herbal bath while Ruby got checked out. 8 pounds 10 ounces!!! I could not believe I had just delivered a baby that big!! That's almost a full pound bigger than #2. I sat there in the bath telling myself how I SO TOTALLY ROCK!!! Ruby also scored a 9/10 on her apgars. I had no tears, and very minimal blood loss. My midwife was very pleased with how little blood I lost. So, the Raspberry Leaf Tea really worked!! My midwife actually complimented me on my controlled breathing, which I thought was amazing since I worked so hard on that the whole time. She was pleased with what a gentle birth we had. I didn't lose control or scream and yell, just focused on the task at hand. This was by far the best birth I've ever had. I'm having all my babies this way from now on!
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