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Kady's breech homebirth

Thursday 9-25-08
contractions every 15 minutes all day, around 5pm they moved to every 10 minutes, around 6pm they moved to every 7 minutes!

Friday 9-26-08
3am- still every 7 minutes no change going to bed.
3:30am- every 3 minutes! whew that was quick!
4:30am- called midwife, she is on her way, Dh is filling the pool
5:00am- midwife is here.
5:30am- into pool
7:00am- called neighbor to help get kids ready for school
8:00am kids are off to school neighbor took Abbi and Ayden to her house
8:30am- water broke! full of merconium though. Midwife says baby must be breech.
9:00am- start pushing,
9:27am- butt comes out
9:28am- body out....MAJOR PANIC. pushing and pushing and head will not come out. cord stopped pulsing...arms are over her head, she is STUCK. both midwives are trying to free arms but they are not budging.
9:30am- ambulance called
9:31am- head finally comes out! baby is very pale

for the next 10 minutes both midwives worked on baby. paramedics showed up at some point in here and offered assistance.
9:40am- delivered placenta

Kady Elizabeth was born at 9:31am weighing 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches long. We are both doing great

1 minute apgar =1
5 minute apgar =6
10 minute apgar= 9
UPDATE- 10-3-08 kady is 1 week old. Midwife just weighed her and she weighs 8lbs 14oz. She has gained 8 oz in her first week

UPDATE- Kady is 3 weeks old. She weighs 10 lbs!

I just realized that I never posted the whole story! Here it is

All through September the baby's position changed daily...sometime head down sometimes butt down sometimes sideways. Goldie (my midwife) said it didn't matter and that baby was smart and knew which way to come out. On Tuesday September 23rd I had my weekly midwife appointment and baby was head down again, we scheduled an appointment for the following Tuesday but I told Goldie I would see her before then. I worked on cleaning and grocery shopping all day Wednesday. Having contractions all day long, they were about 15 minutes apart. Thursday morning DH was talking about driving to Ohio to fix a video game for someone but I told him absolutely not, he had to stay home. Thursday evening I picked my oldest up from her dads house for dinner at 6pm, we had tacos..all through dinner my daughter kept asking if I was ok (because of the contractions) I told her yep your sister or brother is getting ready to come see us. I reminded her that she had an orthodontist appointment the next day and that I would be picking her up from school at 3pm. I wrote her dad a note reminding him of the appointment and then drove her back to her dads house at 8pm.

On my way home from dropping her off I had to pull over and wait through a contraction. I called my aunt to let her know baby was on her way and I would call her in the morning. I called my sister and asked if she needed a ride to our house because it was time, thankfully her boyfriend dropped her off...I am not sure I could have driven that far! My sister (Cady) got to our house about 9pm, I sent her boyfriend to 7-11 to get me a slurpee and then he RAN to get off my property as fast as he could! baby coming now? umm thanks c-ya! I had Dh inflate the birthing pool at 9pm and then he put the kids to bed at 9:30 for me. At about 10pm I told DH to call Goldie and tell her it was getting soon but not yet. I wanted to go for a walk (contractions had leveled at about every 10 minutes) so Cady and I went to super Kmart to get the last couple things off the birth supply list. We got home about 10:30 contractions picke dup to about every 8 minutes. Cady and I cleaned up the kitchen and nothing changed so about midnight I told her to get some sleep. I convinced Dh that it was ok to "help me along" by DTD...we did and he fell asleep a few minutes later. I could not get comfy, I was so crampy, I was really hot, I sat up in bed w/ the pillows behind me and leaned against the wall for about an hour. Then i decided I should NOT be in the bedroom anymore because I didnt want to wake Konner up so I got up to go sit out on the deck, I told Dh to just rest for a little longer, it was about 3:30AM. Cady got up and went out to the deck with me. she had a hoodie and sweatpants on...I was in boxers and a tank top! about an hour later I told Cady I needed DH. he came out and asked what was wrong. I said I am about to have a baby you idiot call Goldie. After he got off the phone I told him to start filling the pool. He says lets wait for Goldie. I said um NO lets not then I yelled go fill the pool.

5am Goldies car pulls in my driveway, she walks up on my porch and says hows it going? Eh its going. she laughed and said yep time to have a baby. I decided I had to pee so I waddled into the house had to stop in the kitchen and kneel through a contraction. after peeing I went to the front room and kneeled on the floor leaning against my glider through contractions. 5:30am my midwives partner Kathy got here. I had never met Kathy but at that point I really didnt care, I asked if I could try the pool at that point. The pool was set up in my room and Konner was still sleeping in there so it gave me reason to be quiet! I moaned through the contractions. everyone kept feeding me popsicles because I was HOT and thirsty! at 7am I had Cady call my neighbor to come help get the kids ready for school. After she got the older kids off to school she offered to take Abbi and Ayden to her house for a few hours. That just left Konner who was still sleeping anyway! about 7:30 I said I wanted to get out of the pool, it wasn't helping and I couldn't get traction....I kept floating and wasn't liking it!

7:45 into the bed, I told Goldie I felt pressure but it didn't feel like the push pressure I remembered from the other kids, she asked if she could check me (my only check through the whole pregnancy and delivery!) I was complete but she could not feel baby's head ?!? Hmm...she said try to push. So I got on hands and knees and pushed and my water broke! it was full of merconium though! Dh looked scared..Goldie asked what position baby was in. I said I don't know I didn't check! We palpitated my tummy and realized it was breech! From about 8:30-9:00am I was kind of panicking...BUT about 9:00 I NEEDED to push! 9:27 out comes the butt Goldie sweeps the legs down body (up to arms) was delivered at 9:28. Everyone is yelling push push push gotta get it out now. I was pushing with everything I had and baby was NOT moving. Goldie and Kathy were trying to sweep the arms down but they couldn't get their hands in there! 9:30 Goldie says Amanda the cord has stopped pulsing you have to get her our now or we are going to loose her. Kathy tells Cady to call an ambulance. Dh and Kathy moved me down further on the bed and a contraction hit and I pushed and out came the baby! 9:31 head delivered. She was VERY pale. Kathy started resuscitation and Goldie ran out to her car for oxygen, DH called the ambulance and told them we got ehr out and didnt need assistance. too late they were coming anyway.

about 9:35 the paramedics got here, Goldie tried to cover me up but I was still so hot I didn't care! Who cares about modesty at that point! paramedics come in and ask midwives...are you nurses? umm no we are midwives. both paramedics are early-mid 20s and confused! then they ask if baby came too fast for us to get to the hospital. umm no we planned a homebirth. then they say WHY? ugh why not! 9:40 placenta delivered one of the paramedics looked green! Then midwives ay everything is fine thanks for coming daddy will sign off on care have a nice day and escorted them out. lol. I want to get, I need to pee and I want a shower. they want me to stay in bed. please let me go pee! Dh is cooking me eggs and toast and I want to pee! 10am I get in the bathroom but can not pee...I get in the shower, wash and still can not pee. feels like my bladder is going to explode! Now I go to sit in my glider and Goldie tells me back to bed. NO sit up! cant lie down anymore I promise I will sit here just let me sit!

noon both midwives leave, I go lie down to nap but set the alarm for 2:30. 2:30 time to go get Arianna from school for her orthodontist appointment. Cady drove me to the school, I went in to get Anna and the principal says I thought you were pregnant. Um I was until 5 hours ago. uh what? baby was born at 9:30 this morning. oh uh sign here and I will go get Anna for you. yep thanks. get to orthodontist (this was MY orthodontist when I was 12 ) she says I thought you were pregnant. yep here we go again.

Kady Elizabeth was born breech at home on September 26, 2008. Kady weighed 8lbs 6oz and was 20 inches long

I have never had such a rough recovery as this one. It took about 2 months for the birth canal to feel normal again. My bladder still hurts and my tail bone still hurts. Yes I got up and started doing things right away but boy oh boy am I still sore!

20 minutes

1 week

3 weeks

2 months

3 months


Amanda- WIDOWED mama of 10 RIP Kevin 2/10/73 - 2/18/09 hug your dh, you never know
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Kady a breech vaginal delivery- 9-26-08!!
AND Karlee (21 mos), AND Jessika Dawn 7-6-11!

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Re: Kady's breech homebirth

What a story! You certainly sound able to take things in stride, but I hope you got some rest and recovery time. Clearly, you are a strong mama! Congratulations.
Enjoying life as a family of five
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Re: Kady's breech homebirth

great story Amanda, thanks for posting it, she is such a cutie!
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Re: Kady's breech homebirth

Wow! What a wonderful story. And she's sooo cute
Wife to Nick, 10 years now. Mom to Lydia (c/s) 6/6/07, Arwen (HBAC) 6/3/09, Silas (HBAC) 7/2/12 and Archer HBAC 10/15/14. Jesus loving, CDing, BFing, non vaxing , homeschooling SAHM who loves my new community is Spring Hill, TN
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Re: Kady's breech homebirth

Congrats girl!
Won't be me @ if we were in the middle of anything.
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Re: Kady's breech homebirth

congrats, shes really cute and that sounds scary (well the end there) fun really cool at the same time, having her at home and all. the part about your sis's bf made me laugh
Mindy, mommy to a very adorablelittle guy! , my UC'd baby boy!& my brand new UC'd baby GIRL
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Re: Kady's breech homebirth

Wow! Amazing!
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Re: Kady's breech homebirth

Wow! What an eventful birth!
Congratulations on a good outcome and a beautiful baby and can I just say the white fringed pants are the cutest longies I have ever seen! LOL

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Re: Kady's breech homebirth

Wow! Good job mama.
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Re: Kady's breech homebirth

OMGosh!! I love your birth story AND all her clothes!! how adorable!
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