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Re: Stopping before 12 months?

I would say that DO NOT GIVE A BOTTLE! My friend had more issues with weaning from the bottle than the nursing! She did a combo until about a year and then got down to just nursing a night for a while and weaned her DD off nursing fine, using the bottle. That kid is two and still will not give up the bottle. She said next baby, if she can't just breastfeed the whole year plus, will go to a sippy cup. With how old your baby is, the cup would be fine and you could always keep a session in the morning and one at night. That would be a nice bridge to weaning.
I was down to just morning and night, but my DD just caught a cold (she was born with pnuemonia and is more susceptable to resp illness), so she nursed during the day once today. She's also turning two. I just went with WHO suggestions on minimum time (2 years), but believe me, I can understand just wanting to do something without having to worry about nursing!
Take him to buy some cool sippy cups that will be his. See which excite him! Watch for any stomach upset, and give him formula until a year or longer (my DH's cousin EFF until her DD was 2). Make it exciting to him to be getting that cup.
Good luck on the move and warmer weather!


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Re: Stopping before 12 months?

I just wanted to say that it doesn't have to be all or nothing. You can still nurse when you are together and give bottles/sippies/solids when you are apart.
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Re: Stopping before 12 months?

For what it's worth, DD is almost 10 months old and I'm going to start the weening process this week, and plan for it to last about a month, depending on how it goes. I just don't love it like I used to (I know, not a reason to quit), and DD really hasn't been very interested in it lately. Often she'd rather have a bottle or sippy. Right now I nurse her in the morning, before each of her two naps, and before bedtime. I plan on cutting out the nap time nursings one at a time, then the morning session, and lastly the bedtime one. I'm going to try to offer her formula only in sippy cups, but we'll see how that goes. I know nearly everyone here doesn't agree with what I'm doing, but I think it's best for us right now. HTH!
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Re: Stopping before 12 months?

My son is 11 months (ALMOST at that year mark!) and we're still nursing, but I'm really considering weaning. He's just not making it easy, because he'll barely take any other kind of liquid from any other source than the boob - only a sip or two out of any kind of cup, same with a straw, and he flat out refuses a bottle.

I was never sure we'd make it even this long, because we've had some issues, which these days are really starting to get to me. Despite the fact that he won't take much from a cup, he often doesn't seem very interested in the boob, either. If he's nursing and anyone walks into the room, or someone says something, or the TV is on, he's immediately off the boob to pay attention to whatever else is going on, and then it's hard to get him back on. Practically the only way he'll nurse anymore is in a quiet room by ourselves.

Long story short, what I would LIKE to do is wean him to a sippy cup for most of the day, and just nurse at nap and/or bedtimes, but like I said he's not making that easy.

But maybe you'd have better luck than me with a situation like that, just nursing part of the time - like others pointed out, it doesn't have to be all or nothing! Will he take a bottle or sippy? If so, maybe just give him a bottle or two during the day and keep BFing for the other feedings. Good luck!
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