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Re: B2B (back to basics) Groundhog Day Special

Originally Posted by RebeccaMomof3 View Post
here's a pic of my first knitting
That's it. I'm ripping mine out and starting again. Mine isn't even recognizable as knitting. (Seriously.) Yours looks great


~Faith, knitting LDS mama to a halfling rogue, gnome barbarian, and goliath cleric
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Re: B2B (back to basics) Groundhog Day Special

WARNING: this is possibly the longest multi-quote I've ever written. I apologize in advance!

FaeryGnomeHome, welcome! Those diapers look awesome...I particularly love the pink skulls print. If I had a girl she would be drowning in girly skull print stuff, I think it's so cute.

Flo, if you find a good booties pattern that can be sized up let me know...I've been trying to find one to use to knit wool socks for DS but most of the patterns seem to be written for newbies or 3 year-olds. It's so cold here that his little cotton socks don't do diddly for keeping his feet warm.

On the shoes system discussion, I have to show off a little...housing is totally luck of the draw and in most respects our place is pretty good, but this closet in the entry way is really what made me fall in love with it:

Dominic, welcome!

Lisathena, I'm so glad your dd is home with you, I know you've been missing her!

Originally Posted by dragondance View Post
Woohoo! We got Dominic, we got Dominic (it's like picking teams in gym class).

Love all the pics of everyone's LOs...such cute babies and kiddos!

Originally Posted by dragondance View Post
QOTD: Dyed, unbleached, or bleached for PFs?
For the longest time I only wanted my bamboo pfs to be dyed, but recently I've started loving the idea of dyed cotton pfs as well. I traded for a few LWI dyed ones, bought a couple more, and thanks to whoever posted about the GENY sale a few days back (Rebecca, was that you?) I have a few dyed/embellished ones on their way here. I like having a bit of both.

Sara, I hope Isaac feels better soon, it's no fun having a sick LO. How sad that those orange longies are getting to short in the rise, I love those!

Originally Posted by smaccalaska View Post
I'm the only nursing mother that DH has had much contact with, so he just thinks it's absolutely normal to nurse whenever, wherever. It's wonderful. DS is also the only baby he's ever diapered, so there was no resistance to cloth diapering. He's been a blank slate for me to write on.
My DH is the same way for the most part. He does know that people consider us weird for CDing, but for the most part he gets a kick out of the fact that we're countercultural in that respect. Poor guy has too much conformity forced on him working a gubment job, he has to enjoy nonconformity even if it's in the form of diapers.

Mel, to you guys and sending get-well-soon vibes your way!


Originally Posted by mamazluv View Post
just quoting myself to say this one isnt on ravelry. look. i made dh stop a joanns for yarn. it says that they used the fishermans wool. i will dye it once im done. not sure what color yet. but look at it.
I love that, if I had a girl to put it on I would be all over it.

Originally Posted by mom2piddle View Post
I really need an idea or 2 on how to come up with a little xtra $$....I've been trying to sell all of the diaper stuff that we aren't using but even at "name your own price" prices no one seems to be interested....I listed some stuff on Craigs list and got very few responses....There is no way to have a yard sale right now thanks to the snow but I really really need to have a bit of pocket $$ right now.... I thought about babysitting but don't really know anyone to sit for...the only thing I'm really good at is laundry sorry, I'm just bummed right now...

Originally Posted by Bethannp View Post
Levi's peepee burn, which I thought was healed is now getting bad again and it bled a little again, after 2 days of being back in cloth, and that's still w/ doing sposies at night! He's been coverless nearly this whole time, so he's getting changed as soon as he pees. I don't know what to do!
I'm so sorry! I second the boiling idea, although that certainly is a huge pain. I would think if the problem were bacteria in your water that the bleach would have killed it? I know you usually did a load with a couple of tablespoons of bleach, but have you tried doing a load with Tide to the 2 line and 1/4 cup of bleach? I had to do that a while ago when DS was having rash and stink issues, and although I had to rinse a gazillion times in hot water, but it did fix the situation.

Cheryl, I love those longies, they're so cute! I actually really like the look of crocheted longies and shorties..clearly I need to learn to crochet more efficiently. I'm checking out some links on left-handed crocheting at Shirley's suggestion, and I think that might help me.

Originally Posted by cherylchoo View Post
Ok, DH just came home and I never got around to telling him about the longies trade. He was out of town when I made hers, and I never remembered to tell him the "jeans" were coming. So DH comes home, takes #3, and says "Hey, did you get new pants? Did mama crochet these for you?"

I stop dead in my tracks. "How do you even know the difference between knit and crochet?"

He looks at me and says, "I have a whole other life you know nothing about."

Lord have mercy!

Originally Posted by celestialdreamer View Post
A quick question for you prefold-lovin' GMD usually get pilly? I had some ages ago and I don't remember them being pilly at all. My LL unbleached and super pilly and are getting worn out so I just bought some GMDs off of FSOT that were supposed to be prepped but not used...but they are super pilly.

They don't look stained or dingy or anything, I don't doubt that they are fairly new. I'm just really surprised and a bit dissappointed as I was hoping they would feel new like the GM trimfolds I got recently. Is this normal for GMD, or is that from usage? Or only some batches are this way? TIA!
Sometimes if you wash too many pfs together in a load they rub against each other and get pilly like that. Like mamazluv said, the problem usually resolves itself after a few washes and dries, but you might want to try washing them in smaller loads and throwing in a little Ecover to speed up the recovery process.

MaMaMeA4, congrats on scoring the nice yarn! So far the spendiest woolies yarn I've invested in is the 100purewool stuff that's like $9 a skein...I'm trying really hard to stay away from the TIG and WAHM-dyed $20 a skein stuff but it's so beautiful...

Originally Posted by mom2sadieandbean View Post
My DH has no say in whether or not I nurse in public (nor does anyone else for that matter) because they aren't his boobies!

Originally Posted by RebeccaMomof3 View Post
hahahaha afghan pants

My hubby started calling them the "forbidden pants" because he wasn't allowed to touch/use them when I wasn't around
at "afghan pants" and "forbidden pants"
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