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Re: Back To Basics--Wiggedy-Whack Wednesday

dd got her ears pierced when she was 2 She also loves her nails painted and is OBSESSED with doing her hair and lip gloss!!! I am not a girlie girl at all so i am not sure where she gets it from. But she will play for ever w/ her caboodle full of hair stuff and lip gloss. . . IDK. . .


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Re: Back To Basics--Wiggedy-Whack Wednesday

Originally Posted by slaloms View Post
I love those shorties. If I had a boy I would have been all over them!
The ones that she had were too I'm pm'd her and asked if she could make customs I love em...and might ask her to do another pair.
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Re: Back To Basics--Wiggedy-Whack Wednesday

Well, I guess I fail cosmetology. Three of her painted nails came off in her bath. Either poor execution or oil residue on the nails, either way I suck. I told her I'd fix it tomorrow, that nasty acetone-free remover is STILL giving me breathing issues.

It's a cultural thing to do earrings in babies in Indian families too. They are all about the bling. I have all sorts of indian jewelry, never wear it because I don't wear any jewelry but my wedding ring. I had resigned myself to it, but then #1 started having weird skin reactions in her ear, so I put my foot down. Then #2 was (is still is, maybe LOL) the type of girl to take the earrings out and swallow them, and nobody gave me resistance on her at all. But now they are 3 and 5, and they keep asking. The girls don't ask, but if they keep hearing THEM ask eventually they will ask. I don't want to manage freshly pierced ears and the earrings, and make sure #3 doesn't swallow any rogue pieces.

It's kind of like letting your kids have a pet. If you let them have one, you have to be prepared to take care of it yourself in the event of "failure". Not that it isn't a good opportunity to teach about consequences, but you can only do so much at a very young age. But if you are willing to do all the care and feeding for them because they are too young, more power to you. I can't find the time to do it for myself, let alone anyone else.
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Re: Back To Basics--Wiggedy-Whack Wednesday

Originally Posted by beck2boys1girl View Post
Ooh, I lurves me those shorties!

I'm winding yarn (TIG Donegan ) right now. Gonna make shorties for DS for this summer. Summer seems ridiculously far away when it's... um... well below zero and I have to climb over a snowdrift to get to my front door.
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Re: Back To Basics--Wiggedy-Whack Wednesday

Cheryl, that "doubliner" sounds awesome! I love fleece liners for during the day since the poo plops off and sprays off so much easier, but they are sort of flimsy. DH prefers the flushies so I use those when he's home, but I'd rather have something less disposable.

MaMaMeA4, awesome fluffy mail day! That "tiny tools" print is my favorite. I had a B4 in that print and almost cried when I sold it, but it wasn't getting used. I'm trying to resist buying something else with that print on it, esp since the knit fabric by itself doesn't really seem to be buyable right now.

Originally Posted by katedanzer View Post
Whoohoo, one less thing for DH to have to remember I was just worried about maybe affecting the absorbency. I'm loving how few things mess up prefolds

Oh and I got 2 dozen more unbleached prefolds today. Huge rave for the FSOT Mama that forked over $15 to ship them priority to me! I was expecting snail mail for a ppd price, but definitely needed and appreciated
for a great deal and a sweet DS mama!

Originally Posted by slaloms View Post
I left #2 have some nekked time while she played in her little playmat activity center thing. She'd already pooped this morning and she only poops every couple of days. Anyway, she had the biggest poop on the activity center and it got over everything! Ugh
DS is sneaky like that too. I swear they're capable of deviousness well before people give them credit for it.

Becky and Christina, those dipes look awesome!

Shirley, I love the way that yarn turned out! One of the other ladies in my knit night group here is interested in dying wool (the same one who just taught me to spin), and I'm so excited.

On the dyed/undyed question, I like to have a bit of both. This past summer I loved having cute dyed and/or embellished dipes for when DS was coverless, this winter I've loved the undyed look under wool, but I think for this summer I want dyed flats. We're going to be travelling around the States for at least a month and a half, and those seem like they'd be the best thing for packing in suitcases and washing in random relatives' washers without having to worry about whether their water is hard or soft or hot enough or whatever.

On the ear parents made me wait until I was 8 (and then let my littler sister get hers pierced when she was 6, but that's a whole 'nother rant ) and told me that if I didn't take care of them properly I'd have to take them out. As I recall we were allowed to do make-up for dress-up purposes only as kids, but I wasn't allowed to wear it "for real" until I was 14 (my sister started at 11 or 12...). I have no idea what we'll do if we have a girl, I'm hoping we end up with all boys at this point.

Originally Posted by Bethannp View Post
My mom let me get my ears peirced when I was 5, and then she made me take my earings out and let them heal over because I didn't take care of them and that was part of the deal. Then I got them peirced again in Jr. High. And in highschool when I wanted a 2nd hole I just did that myself w/ an icecube, as well as a 3rd and a 4th hole (That was each ear in the lobe) In my right ear I have a cartilage peircing (probably closed over since they made me take the ring out for my c-section and I never put one back in) and that little ear nubbin thingie that's by the side of your face (I can't remember what it's called) I also used to have my belly button peirced and my nose I was a freak

Oy! The make up and nail polish though! That's why I hope I only have boys!
I have two holes in each lobe and two in the cartilege of my right ear, and my belly button is still pierced. I had my tongue pierced in college but had to take it out when I chipped one of my teeth really badly and had to ask my parents to pay to fix it. Every now and then I get the urge to get my nose pierced but then I end up feeling like I'm 30 and not nearly cool enough to pull off getting that done now.
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